Kids crafts Lego

11 Lego crafts for kids and adults

As fans of Lego I thought it was about time I pulled together a list of the Lego crafts we have had fun with. When I was younger I had a few tubs of Lego bricks and remember receiving some Lego Technic sets which I really enjoyed building and re-building. Today I am still happily surrounded by Lego. My husband loves Lego as much as I do and fortunately the children seem to love it too.

I hope you enjoy some of these Lego crafts for kids and adults.

Lego crafts for kids

11 Lego crafts for kids and adults

We’re lucky to live near Legoland Windsor and try to visit at least once a year. One of our visits inspired me to make an easy Lego bento inspired lunch for the children. Add to this my attempts at Lego biscuits and Lego cupcakes and I think I have Lego inspired food covered!

My children seem to be happy playing with Lego or Duplo bricks. A while ago we made our own Lego Duplo table from an old Ikea coffee table and this has been one of my favourite makes. It’s permanently out and seems to encourage the children to get the Lego out. We added a road as they have so many Lego vehicles they were able to create their own version of Legoville.

I pinched some of their Lego figures to make a Lego Duplo clock which was a really fun make. I love that you can use any combination of bricks or figures to make a personalised Lego clock.

My kids love to craft and we’ve tried to incorporate Lego in lots of different ways from painting with Lego, to making our own Lego pencil holder and even our own Lego-shaped crayons.

I found our handmade Lego soap dispenser really helpful when I was potty training my daughter. There’s nothing like watching Lego bricks move through gloopy soap to encourage anyone to wash their hands. I used the same idea to make a DIY calm down Lego bottle which is great for any child who needs some quiet time to sit and think.

The final craft I’m sharing today is the Lego people sun catchers we made, a great way to see your Lego self!


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