List of National Days and Awareness Days in the UK

I’ve amassed a huge number of crafts and activities so I thought I would put them all in one place so they are easier to find. Use this list of National Days and Awareness Days in the UK to go straight to the relevant crafts from the gingerbread house blog!

List of National Days and Awareness Days in the UK


New Year’s Day 1st Jan

Twelfth Night 5th Jan

Epiphany 6th Jan

Plough Monday 8th Jan

160 Years of the London Underground 10th Jan

International Lego Day 28th Jan


St Bride’s Day 1 Feb

Candelmas 2 Feb

Chinese New Year 12 Feb

Valentine’s Day 14 Feb

Shrove Tuesday 16 Feb

Pokemon Day 27 Feb


St David’s Day 1 Mar

Dr Seuss Day 2 Mar

World Book Day 4 Mar

Crufts 7-10 Mar

International Women’s Day 8 Mar

British Science Week

Pi Day 14 Mar

Mothering Sunday 14 Mar

Red Nose Day

St Patricks’ Day 17 Mar

Global Recycling Day 18 Mar

Vernal Equinox and the start of astronomical Spring 20 Mar

Start of British Summer Time/clocks go forward 28th Mar


April Fool’s Day 1 Apr

National Scrabble Day 13 Apr


Earth Day 22 Apr

St George’s Day 23 Apr

Shakespeare Day 23 Apr


May Day 1 May

Star Wars Day 4 May

VE Day 8 May

Mass Observation Day 12 May

Middlesex Day 16 May

Bee Day 20 May

World Otter Day 26 May

Elmer Day 29 May

Royal Oak Day 29 May


30 Days Wild 1-30 June

National Gingerbread Day

Father’s Day 20 June

Summer Solstice 20 June

Midsummer 24 June

National Take your dog to work day 26 June



Alice in Wonderland Day 4 July

Fourth of July 4 July


VJ Day 15 Aug

National Dog Day


Roald Dahl Day 13 Sep

Battle of Britain 80 Day 15 Sep

Michaelmas 29 Sep


Trafalgar Day 21 Oct

Apple Day 21 Oct



Guy Fawkes 5 Nov

Remembrance Day 11 Nov

National Gingerbread Cookie Day 21 Nov

Martinmas 11 Nov

Stir Up Sunday 24 Nov

St Andrews Day 30 Nov


National Grinch Day Dec 1

Winter Solstice 21 Dec

Christmas Day 25 Dec