Autumn homestyle subscription box

    Autumn Craftpod review

    handmade felt owl brooch

    I really enjoyed the Summer Craftpod subscription box. I loved the contents so found it easy to set aside time to make the craft projects. It’s the only subscription box I’m paying for at the moment and I really love it. I loved the sound of the Autumn Craftpod box so bought it as soon as I could. It’s slim enough to fit through the letterbox which is a big bonus for me.

    Inside were some lovely goodies: a toadstool embroidery hoop and notebook by Maggie Magoo Designs, two little felt owls, a postcard by Amy Rose of The Floral Fox Art, and a Red Berry and hibiscus teabag from The Canton Tea Co.

    Craftpod Autumn Box review

    My daughter has recently started her Year 1 journey in the “Owls” class and has developed a small obsession with owls as a result. So these were the first things I made. I’ve always enjoyed working with felt and loved stitching these.

    Then I started on the toadstool embroidery hoop. Everything was included – the embroidery hoop, printed fabric and 6 skeins of embroidery thread.

    I followed the instructions, adding a couple of different stitches to give some texture. The colours are so pretty and autumnal and I loved watching it come together.

    Autumn CRaftpod box

    I’ve yet to use the notebook, postcard or even drink the tea. Life has been so busy and I’m thinking that November and December will be crazy with birthdays, Christmas and my invigilating job starting up again.

    I’m so looking forward to the Winter Craftpod though. A bit of me hopes it will be out in December for some seasonal crafting. Most of me is hoping for January though, I love the thought of some quiet crafting time in January after the madness of Christmas is over.

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