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    Elf cupcake liner craft for kids to make

    Elf cupcake liner craft for kids to make from the gingerbread house blog

    It’s nearly time to find our two elves and bring them out of their hiding place (at the bottom of my wardrobe). I love December 1st even though it means a pretty manic 24 days of elf antics. I can’t resist an elf craft and it’s definitely time to share our cute elf cupcake liner craft.

    Equipment to make our Elf cupcake liner craft

    White cupcake liners
    Tan craft paint
    Red, white and brown paper
    Blue and black marker
    Cotton balls
    Paint brush

    equipment to make our cute elf craft

    Elf cupcake liner craft

    1. First flatten the cupcake liner, paint it with tan craft paint and set aside to dry.

    2. Cut out the following pieces:
    2 white elf ears
    2 circles for eyes with the bottom cut out a little
    1 tiny white circle
    1 white 2” x 4” white rectangle with a zigzag bottom for a collar
    1 brown rectangle about 1” x the length of the top of the cupcake liner and cut the bottom with a zigzag bottom like hair.

    4. Glue the brown hair to the top of the cupcake liner.

    5. Fold the top of the red triangle to the side and glue to the top of the hair.

    6. Pull apart a cotton ball and glue to the bottom of the hat.

    Elf cupcake liner craft
    7. Paint the nose and ears tan, let dry and glue the ears to the side of the elf and the circle to the centre of the cupcake liner.

    8. Glue the eyes above the nose and colour the left side blue.

    christmas elf craft for kids
    9. Draw a smile under the nose with a black marker.

    christmas elf craft for kids
    10. Glue the collar to the bottom and let the elf dry.

    christmas elf craft for kids

    What do you think? We love our little Christmas elf although we’ll be making a green one too so they can hang out together, just like our own elves.

    christmas elf craft for kids

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