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4 Perfect Garden DIY Projects to Get the Kids Involved In

“I’m BORED!”. The cry every parent dreads over school holiday times. How can you keep the kids entertained and out of trouble, and get them away from their screens for a little while? Well, how about trying some of these fantastic little DIY gardening projects – they’ll learn and have fun at the same time (not to mention get some fresh air and exercise!).

Here are 4 ideas for you.

Create a terrarium

Glass jar gardening – sometimes known as a terrarium is a perfect way to get kids into gardening. They’re the perfect size for small hands and are inexpensive to create.

You can have fun finding lots of different-sized succulents from your local garden centre and all you need to do then is place gravel in the base of a large jar and top with a layer of compost.

Then simply add in the plants and arrange them into a display. Tamp and firm the compost down with your hands or an implement and add a little water to it.

You might need to get some gravel from brilliant building merchants near you. All you need to do then is place the jar on a bright indoor windowsill, out of direct sunlight, and watch it grow and develop.

Build a bug box

Kids love creepy crawlies and insects – so why not make a bug box? All you need is an open-fronted wooden box or crate. Let the kids have fun running around the garden finding materials to fill it with.

Here are some ideas for you! Use a log with holes drilled in it to provide a safe spot for bees to hang out in. Use pine cones in stacks, or add rocks and bits of broken pot and twigs to create a haven for ladybirds and woodlice to crawl in. Sometimes, if you’re very lucky you might get a passing frog, toad, or even a mouse!

Grow a delicious herb garden

Growing herbs can be a real gateway to learning about cultivating other foods – and kids will love the opportunity to eat what they grow. Give each child a wooden box or a few plant pots with their name written on. Plant herb seeds in compost – think about mint, thyme, basil, or chives. You could even throw a few fruits like wild strawberries into the mix. Place the planted display in a sunny spot and encourage the kids to water it every day (under supervision). Within a few weeks, you’ll have edible herbs that you can harvest together.

A fancy fairy garden

“Are there fairies at the bottom of the garden, Mum?” Well, there might not be right now, but how about creating an enchanted spot in your own outdoor space? Use the base of a tree or bush and encourage your kids to collect stones and twigs to make a small path and fences for it. Plant small ferns or other wildflowers around the entrance and tie pretty ribbons around it to help attract the fairies to it. Create a fairy door for a tree or wall – decorate a piece of wood, or a plastic lid with non-toxic paint and use it as the entrance to your garden.

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