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Tennis for all with the Great British Tennis Weekend

getting ready for Great British Tennis Weekend

We are a family who loves watching tennis, especially Wimbledon, so we’re really happy it started this week! You are never too young to pick up a tennis racket, and when we were on the Ventura last week, we seized the opportunity to play tennis on their very own tennis court! Yep, nothing beats a game when you are on the top deck of a cruise ship!

My children are 4 and 6 and they may still be developing their hand eye co-ordination, but they loved it. Tennis is a great way of keeping fit and active for all ages and abilities. We played deck tennis, with a smaller court than normal tennis, but this didn’t stop our little family enjoying ourselves.

family game of tennis

I know we could all benefit from a free session though which is why we were excited to hear about the Great British Tennis Weekend (#GBTW) which is a brilliant way to introduce the sport to more people, try something new and learn a few moves. The Great British Tennis Weekend is coming up soon, Saturday 16 July and Sunday 17 July.

Over the Great British Tennis Weekend families can try Highland Spring Mini Tennis sessions, family time, free play, Cardio Tennis and numerous other kinds of activities. Rackets and balls will be provided so all you need to bring is your enthusiasm! You can find a Great British Tennis Weekend venue near you via the special website here.

Great British Tennis Weekend logo

This is a sponsored post. I’m working with the Lawn Tennis Association to promote the Great British Tennis Weekend. Visit ClubSpark now to find free activities on 16-17 July at your local tennis clubs!

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Tour de France inspired bicycle craft for kids

inspired bicycle craft for kids

We’re surrounded by big sporting events at the moment. We’re still participating in Euro 2016, Wimbledon started today and we have the Tour de France, the Olympics, Tour of Britain and the Paralympics still to look forward to. Our family love to get outdoors and active so all these sporty events are the perfect inspiration for us. Today we’re sharing a really fun Tour de France-inspired bicycle craft for kids – perfect if the weather is keeping you indoors.

You will need:

a paper plate
black permanent pen
contact paper
coloured pieces of cellophane

How to make a Tour de France inspired bicycle craft for kids

Tour de France  inspired bicycle craft for kids

When we sat down and talked about the Tour de France to took us a while to think of a simple bicycle inspired craft. My 4 year old loves her bike, she is a speed freak and loves nothing better than feeling the wind in her hair. So we have been crafting with the wheels of a bicycle and used the shape to make fun sun catchers. She’s all about shapes right now so anything which can be used to talk about shapes, colours and sounds in a great activity for her.

We took a paper plate and a thin ruler to draw lines across the paper plate. We drew 4 lines across the plate and I used my Swann Morton scalpel to cut out the spare white segments – you could also use scissors for this.

We went around each of the spokes of our paper plate wheel with a black marker pen to highlight them. Then I covered one side with a circle of contact paper and let her choose her cellophane pieces. She opted for a rainbow and enjoyed cutting small pieces to fit inside each triangle.

When she had finished I covered the other side with more contact paper and we hung it up in the kitchen. It’s made a fun rainbow and hopefully inspired her to get back out on her bike after nursery today!.

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Monday Happy List – Week 92

view from Ventura

I’m sure you’re tired of my saying it, but what a busy week! I hadn’t caught my breath from a weekend of Blogtacular and The Secret Life of Pets before we were off again, this time on a mini break on the cruise ship Ventura. We had a great time but I am in serious need of some sleep.

We spent Friday in Bruges which is one of my favourite places. We did every touristy thing you can imagine and went back to the ship with a bag full of Belgian chocs and beer.

Whilst the children enjoyed the onboard I finally got time to read. My latest book is Wildflower Bay by Rachael Lucas. It’s published in 3 parts and so far I’ve read 1 and 2, I can’t wait for the final part to be published next month.

There was some very rare sewing too! I took a couple of Mollie Makes kits with me and embroidered some cactus plants whilst the rest of my family were splashing in one of the pools.

It’s easy to feel a little deflated after such an amazing adventure but we still have so much to pack in before the children break up for Summer. I’m taking part in a concert performance of My Fair Lady on Saturday which I’m really looking forward to.

That’s it for now!