On my mantle – January

It has taken me a while to sort our living room out after the festive period. Would you believe I’m still finding Christmas decorations and have a big box of things to go back up in the loft this weekend? This week we finally watched the Advent candles burn down too. We had lit them a couple of times during December but they still had a good few hours left in them.

This week I also took down the children’s New Year decorations, I just needed to reclaim a little space for me. If you saw the rest of the house you would understand!

January is Quietly Understated.

my mantle

I’ve hung a line of vintage lanterns I found in my local charity shop. I bought one in every colour but decided less is more – my mantra for January.

Pride of place is the Nikki McWilliams foiled print I won from Claire at Making*Living*Doing.

nikki mcwilliams printI was a member of the Tunnock’s Caramel Wafer Appreciation Society when I was at Uni and I have never lost my appreciation for a TCW. I also won some lovely notecards and washi tape which made me very happy.

You may recognise my glass frame with the same Autumnal leaves framed in it. I love the colours so they will be staying a little longer. I have a vase of glass pinecones, my embroidered Chinese lantern and a block house candle holder. I have a thing for houses and this has a lovely feel to it.

Scandi house candle blockThe shops are full of daffodils so I hope to pick some up soon. The house is definitely in need of some more colour and they never fail to restore my spirits as I watch them come to life.


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Tape resist art for kids

Today we are taking part in the 31 Day Sensory Play Challenge Blog Hop organised by Adventures of Adam. We offered to host a sensory play activity using masking tape. Now we love crafting with tape. We have a huge bowl of colourful tape and have made some fun things such as a washi tape egg decorations, washi tape picture frames and Duck Tape bracelets. We’ve even made our own washi tape.

Today we thought we’d use tape in a completely different and sensory way – masking tape resist art. Paintings and drawings have positive and negative spaces, the positive is where you have added the colour, the negative spaces are plain. We thought we would use the tape to create some interesting art and my children had great fun.
Tape Resist art for kids
Masking or washi tape
White card
Crayons and coloured pencils


How to make tape resist art:
Choose your tape. My 3 year old had a good root through our tape box which gave us the chance to talk about the different colours, patterns and textures. She wanted straight lines so she had plenty of space to colour and I helped her tear pieces of tape and we placed them on the sheet of card.
tape resist artThen she picked her favourite crayons and pencils and coloured in all the white spaces.
tape resist artWhen she had finished we removed the pieces of tape (we used washi tape which was easy to take off) and we were left with really clear positive and negative spaces.
tape resist artOf course as soon as my 4 year old came home from school he wanted to try this for himself. He experimented with shapes and letters and made a really sweet little tape resist house. You can make all kinds of patterns and it’s great for trying something a little different.
 For lots more great Sensory Play ideas please visit the 31 Days of Sensory Play Pinterest Board


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My warehouse style moodboard

My one luxury in life (apart from a good cup of tea) is my subscription to Reloved magazine. I love to recycle and upcycle and this is a great read, packed full of inspiration. I’ve been looking for some ideas for our living room. 2015 is the year it will be decorated and I was excited to read an article about warehouse style.

Warehouse style fits really well with our vintage home vibe. We have some key pieces of furniture which will be staying, such as my beloved vintage kitchen cupboard which houses my fabric stash. There are some lovely ways to decorate and I’ve been pulling together a warehouse style moodboard using Pinterest:

Follow Jenny Makes’s board Ideas for our Home on Pinterest.

There has to be a little leeway as we live in a modern 1980s house. Fortunately we can still be on trend, mixing warehouse style with our modern house. We will definitely be looking to mix up the look with a range of textures, prints and styles to form one eclectic and unique look. Hopefully we will also be able to incorporate the colour of the year, marsala. This is such a lovely warm colour that it will go really well with a neutral sofa, such as this charcoal corner sofa from Furniture Choice.

The great thing about warehouse style is that it looks back to the 1960s so ticks all my vintage boxes too. Whenever my mum throws out old pieces of furniture I always get first refusal so we have a great vintage anglepoise lamp. A couple of years ago we picked up an old wooden filing cabinet someone had discarded on the side of the road. This is an affordable way to collect pieces as long as you’re not in a rush!

We would like to re-use and recycle as much as possible and I have my eye on an upcycled pallet coffee table.  Whenever I see a discarded pallet I always stop and pick them up as they are so easy to recycle! I think we could incorporate some warehouse materials through industrial piping shelves, reclaimed funnel lights and I would love to invest in some vintage signage for the walls.

What do you think of warehouse style and would you like this kind of functional but versatile living space?


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