Painted pebble cactus plants

I’ve been having lots of fun crafting recently, I know I always say that but this is supposed to be a craft blog. I love looking through my photo stream and seeing the photos of all my makes. My children have been keeping me busy lately but I still found time to make some painted pebble cactus plants with them. I would love to keep some succulents but when I went to buy some I got a handful of needles. Instead I thought it would be fun to make some kid-friendly versions.

My 5 year old helped me paint some pebbles to make some kid-friendly cactus plants. We collected some lovely smooth pebbles on a recent beach holiday and this was a really fun activity. I think they will also be a great addition to our fairy garden.

painted pebble cactus plants - the gingerbread houseWe used some lovely smooth pebbles we collected from the beach and painted them red and green with acrylic paint.

painted pebblesWe gave them two coats to make sure we couldn’t see any of the original colour, then added some tiny white spots of paint to look like spines.

painted pebble cactusThis was quite tricky for my 5 year old but he did a great job. Then we left them to dry before painting the other side.

painted pebble cactusOnce they were dry we found some miniature pots, added a ball of plasticine and pressed the pebbles in.

painted pebble cactusThey look really cute in their miniature pots. My son added the Playmobil boy for scale :)

pebble cactus plantsThen we mixed it up by placing them in one pot.

pebble cactus plants - the gingerbread house

I think they look pretty realistic and not bad for a joint effort. I love succulents and am still hankering for some real ones. Perhaps I will try to make some felt ones soon.

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Top tips for creating a Summer fairy garden

What is a fairy garden? It’s a miniature garden for fairies to live in. My 3 year loves Tinkerbell and after we had watched Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue we were inspired to make our own together. Since then we’ve made a couple, both temporary houses indoor and a few permanent fairy houses outside.

Creating a fairy garden is a great activity that all the family can do together and is a great way to spend time enjoying the sunshine. The best thing is that they can be added to over time so why not start a fairy garden and watch it grow over the summer? Today I’m taking part in a blog hop hosted by Nicolette from Powerful Mothering, sharing my top tips for creating a Summer fairy garden.

Top tips for creating a Summer fairy garden - the gingerbread house

Top tips for creating a Summer fairy garden

Find a container or spare patch of garden to make your own fairy garden. I gave the children an empty flower pot which they had lots of fun filling with soil. Define the edges with a small fence or stones.

building a fairy garden for children

Build a house for the fairies. We’ve used upcycled milk bottles and these fun ceramic castle money boxes from Baker Ross which the children painted. You can make a house from palm fronds, an upturned flower pot or wooden bird box; recycled or natural materials are good. Add a water feature, such as a tiny container of water.

pink fairy castle from Baker Ross

Add depth with a fence and create paths, we used sea shells from a summer trip to the beach which is an instant visual reminder of a lovely holiday.

Plant flowers, especially if your fairy garden is going to be permanent feature in your garden. Certain plants will attract bees and butterflies so why not pop to your local garden centre and ask for some expert advice. We’ve been cultivating a kitchen window sill garden which we’ll plant in our container fairy garden soon.

We’ve had fun making miniature furniture to decorate our fairy garden.  So far we’ve made duck tape bunting and hung it from knitting needles. We also added a swing from a small craft stick and hung it from a branch.

container pot fairy garden

Add lights to light up your fairy garden at dusk. I saw a really fun idea on Pinterest for stones painted with fluorescent paint to glow in the dark.

Think about hanging a bell so you can hear when someone opens the door.

We still have some ideas to make our fairy garden more fun such as adding edible treats to attract the birds. We’ve made bird feeders before and thought we’d try some on a smaller scale.

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Sylvanian Families fun

I’ve had lots of luck charity shopping recently as my daughter and I found some boxed Sylvanian Families sets. We snapped them up and she’s been playing with them ever since. We found Madeline’s Boutique and Highfields Barn but her favourite is Madeline’s Boutique as she loves to shop and pink is her favourite colour!

Today she was allowed to pick a new families set to come and live with us as a reward for mastering potty training. She chose the Sheep Family which has been top of her list for a while.

Sylvanian Families play

She was sent a cute little Day Trip Accessory Set which is a lovely addition to her Sylvanian Families collection. It includes a backpack to keep their bits and bobs safe, a straw hat to keep the sun off their ears and a camera to take snaps of the scenery when they are on their days out.

Sylvanian Families Day Trip Accessory Set

From a matching strawberry earband and purse, to pretty bunny ear-shaped headbands, this set has all the essentials for the girls out on a day trip. There’s even a teenie tiny whale clutch, and a watch to make sure they make it back home on time.

Sylvanian Families Madeline's Boutique

We love all the tiny details and these are so much for story telling and role play fun. They also make great stock to sell in Madeline’s Boutique. The set is priced at £6.99. The part are very small and recommended for age 3 and over.

You may also be interested in our review of the Bramble Hedgehog Family, our round up of 10 Sylvanian Families crafts and the Sylvanian Families trail at Hatchlands Park.


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