Frozen inspired sun catchers

I have a small person who is turning 3 later this year. Like many other little people she adores the film Frozen so I’ve been busy planning for her birthday party.

I was sent some craft supplies from Craft Merrily to keep us busy over the summer holidays. The pack of hama beads really caught my eye as the colours reminded me of Frozen, plenty of ice cold blues and whites. I thought we could turn them into sun catchers to hang in our windows.

frozen inspired sun catchers- the gingerbread house

How to make Frozen inspired sun catchers:

Melting hama beads is quite quick and simple. First choose some cookie cutters, we chose stars and crowns to fit our Frozen theme. Place on a sheet of greaseproof paper on a baking tray and fill with your chosen hama beads. This is something the children were able to help with.

frozen hama beads

Bake in the oven. I baked them on a low heat so I could regularly check to see what stage they were at.

frozen hama beads

When all the beads have melted remove from the oven and allow to cool. Remove from the cookie cutters and leave to cool fully.

melted hama beads

I chose to pierce our sun catchers with a needle and thread so we had something to hang them with and used washi tape to stick them on the window. Now we just need some sunshine!

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Afternoon crafting with the kids

We spent much of the afternoon crafting. My 4 year old loves to craft and he’s currently interested in making cards for everyone we know. Fortunately for him he was sent a little stencil kit from Meadow Kids which helped him create the perfect cards.

stencil kit

He used the stencils, colouring pencils and paper to make some pictures of animals. The stencils were quite small but perfect for his hands. He was able to hold them down and draw inside them.


Then we made cards using the paper and envelopes. Little Sis wanted to do the same as her brother so made some pictures too.


The mini stencils kit contained a booklet of mini stencils, colouring pencils, cards and envelopes, pencil sharpener and paper so plenty of equipment to get creative.

We have big bundles of letters and pictures to post out tomorrow so watch your mailboxes family!


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Exploring NickJr Leap

Today I have some news about a new online world to share with you. This August sees the launch of Nick Jr. Leap, a fun, online world featuring your child’s favourite Nick Jr. characters such as Dora the Explorer, Bubble Guppies and Team Umizoomi. Created to develop children’s mathematic, problem-solving and language skills, the site is free to play, and has been designed alongside the 2014 Early Years Foundation Framework (EYFF).

Designed for children aged between two and seven-years-old, parents can create accounts for their children to tailor the site experience. You child can select their own Nick Jr. Leap friend, an avatar who will accompany them on their journey and reward them with gameplay and animation as they complete tasks and move up a level. There are three worlds to explore.

NickJr Leap

My 4 year old loves to play games on my iPhone and iPad but to be honest I very rarely let him loose on my laptop. However I am always interested in letting him try out new things, especially if I know they are going to help his learning journey. We looked at the site together and he was able to type in his name and choose his avatar. Then he was pretty happy to explore the site on his own.

There are 3 worlds to explore: Solving World, Numbers World and Language World. There are instructions at the bottom of the screen but these are also spoken which means my 4 year old can play independently. He tried each world and each game but his favourite was definitely Space Park and the Solving World. You can earn stickers when you complete levels and he really enjoyed this part of the site.

My 2 year isn’t quite ready to use the laptop on her own but she loves looking at the site with her brother or one of us. There’s also a section for grown-ups so they can keep track of children’s progress in in the ‘Grown Ups’ area and help them reach new levels. Nick Jr Leap is mobile responsive too, so it can be played anywhere if you register your account.




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