Playmobil Great Asian Castle review

We were excited to be chosen as Playmobil Playologists for the second year running. The children adore Playmobil and I find all the different sets work quite well together. We were recently sent our main review toys.

Big Brother received the amazing #5479 The Great Asian Castle from the Dragons range. This was a great set for him. It took me about an hour to put together but the instructions were clear and I only needed my husband to click together some of the larger pieces.

Enemies beware! The Great Asian Castle is protected by a fierce fire-breathing dragon. When not flying around, the yellow dragon can guard the castle from the attachable landing platform. This fortified castle also includes plenty of features to help the soldiers defend it. The functioning portcullis keeps unwanted visitors out, while anyone who manages to sneak into the castle will be caught off by the hidden trapdoor. The trapdoor can also act as a secret getaway for the castle warriors. Keep enemies at bay using the functioning crossbow with flaming arrows. The rocky landscape also conceals a secret cave where kids can hide the sacred dragon fire, which lights up (batteries not included).

Playmobil Great Asian Castle - the gingerbread house

The set also includes four figures, helmets, shields, and additional battle gear, skeleton, torches, flags, and other accessories. This is a great value toy, it’s expensive but you do get a lot for your money.

This set can be upgraded with the Playmobil Secret Dragon Fort (#5480) and is compatible with the Giant Battle Dragon with LED Fire (#5482), which can hang from the castle walls by its claws.

Both my children have been enjoying this set. It’s great for imaginative play and role play. There are lots of little features they love, such as the trap door and portcullis.

Little Sis received the very cute #6790 Convertible Car set from the 123 range.

Cruise with the top down in the Convertible Car. With a bright and colourful design and large, rounded pieces, this PLAYMOBIL 1.2.3 set is ideal for toddlers. Kids will love racing this car around the playroom floor. Set includes one figure and convertible car.

This goes well with her other toys from the 123 range but I think she’s growing out of this range now. She’s nearly 3 and really enjoys playing with her brothers Playmobil and is capable of playing with more intricate and detailed sets.



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20 Duck Tape crafts

Last week I attended the Hobbycraft Christmas preview. I loved getting a sneak preview of the new Christmas products and hearing about some fabulous new lines for Gruffalo and Peppa Pig fans.

They had a couple of crafts set up which you could try and I was able to try my hand at making Duck Tape bows. Hobbycraft sell Duck Tape in all colours and prints and it’s a really versatile craft material. You can make a bow in seconds from a couple of pieces of duck tape folded in half and a split pin.

Hobbycraft duck tape - the gingerbread house

I had so much fun I wanted to see what else could be made from Duck Tape. I was a bit confused about the brand name (duck or duct) but apparently it was manufactured by Johnson & Johnson during the Second World War and named Duck Tape due to it’s ability to repel water. It was later used to hold ducts together so was later known as duct tape.

Here is a list of my top 20 Duck Tape crafts which includes kids crafts, handmade gifts and decoration ideas. I picked up some colourful rolls at my local Hobbycraft so I can’t wait to get started!

Top 20 Duck Tape crafts - the gingerbread house

Duck Tape flower

Duck Tape paper cup shark

Love this idea of using Duck Tape to identify your gadget cables

DIY tiny town and road

Duck Tape light sabre

Cute little cardboard playhouse for kids

Sponge and duck tape bath boats

Duck Tape Sword and Shield

Duck Tape cuff bracelets

No sew dollshouse cushions and pillows

Hello Kitty bag

Duck Rape iPad sleeve

Duck Tape beads DIY

Duck Tape bookmarks

Something for Halloween – I adore these Duck Tape pumpkins

Easy duck tape decorative jars

Easy holiday gift bags using Duck Tape

Mickey and Minnie gift cards holders

Simple pool noodle wreath

Duck Tape wreath


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Summer sewing

I don’t have a particular project on the go at the moment. Last week I finished my maverick star dolls quilt for Little Sis. It was a bit of an impromptu make and now I don’t know what to make next.

Instead of crafting I have been reading, mainly the new Quilt Now magazine and Mollie Makes blogging bookazine. I love the new quilting magazine and have been picking up some great tips from Mollie Makes blogging. I have a couple of subscriptions to craft magazines such as Mollie Makes and Love Patchwork and Quilting but I can’t help browsing the magazine shelves when I go shopping. I’m trying to make the free gifts which come with them so I made a cute iPhone case with the latest gift from Mollie Makes.

Mollie Makes anchor purse - the gingerbread house

I also made the strawberry pincushions which came with Quilt Now which I think are rather cute. Sometimes it’s nice to finish a small project rather than worry about all those unfinished WIPs.

Quilt Now strawberry pincushion - the gingerbread house

There are some projects I want to get started on over the summer:

I have a copy of Crafty Dolls by Jane Bull to review so Little Sis and I have been looking through and trying to decide what to make.

I recently signed up to Wild Olive’s 50 States Stitching Club, although then I decided I wanted to catch up and make the Autumn Stitching Club and Winter Stitching Club first. I have bought all the supplies so just need to get started on these.

I also found the Union Jack quilt cover I started making for Little Sis a while ago. I was trying to remember when I started but I don’t think I ever blogged about it. I made a lot of red, white and blue hexagons for it so I would love to start sewing it all together before she’s out of her cot bed and into a single bed :)

Plenty to keep me going, I just need to focus :)



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