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DIY paper clip bookmarks

vintage playing card bookmarks

We really enjoy taking part in the monthly Project: recycle and create blog hop as it gives us the chance to try different things. This month the theme was Scrap Paper and we decided to make bookmarks. Both children are taking part in the Summer Reading Challenge so this was a fun craft for them to make their own bookmarks.

Equipment to make DIY paper clip bookmarks:

Large paper clips
Scrap paper
Sticky tape

equipment needed to make DIY paper clip bookmarks

How to make DIY paper clip bookmarks:

We have lots of scrap paper from magazines, old games as well as vintage papers I’ve found in charity shops. I let the children go through and pick their favourite ones.

Some pieces of paper were long enough that they could be folded over the bottom of the paper clip, then held in place with sticky tape or a staple.

We decided to mix it up with vintage game cards too. These weren’t long enough to fold over so we attached them to the paper clip with a piece of sticky tape.

DIY paper clip bookmarks using vintage playing cards

We embellished some of our scraps with smaller details but you could also decorate with washi tape, stickers or stamps.

vintage DIY paper clip bookmarks

This is a sweet and simple DIY and the children love their new bookmarks. You can see what the other participants have been making with scrap paper here:

Apple Tree Wreath by Playdough & Popsicles
Recycled Paper Birds Nest by Our Whimsicle Days
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Why there’s no need to cry over spilt milk again

crafting on the floor

As a mum of two young children I have an ongoing battle to keep our house clean and tidy. Our current house has wooden floors in the living areas which makes it nice and easy to keep clean. Whilst the children are young we have invested in a few rugs to both muffle the sound of their noisy toys on the floor and to also give them something nice and soft to sit on. Thinking about it, we ask quite a lot from our poor old rug!

They know they are not to have any drinks or snacks on our beautiful, expensive sofas but they have pretty much free reign whilst sitting on the floor. So it’s probably no surprise that food and drinks get spilt pretty frequently. Just the other day I was cooking in the kitchen when I heard the familiar tones of my 6 year old shouting “Muuuuuuum, I’ve had an accident.” I rushed in to see he had knocked over his (full) cup of bedtime Ovaltine all over the rug. It’s not the first time this has happened – think after-school chocolate biscuits and sticky sweets! – but I’d like to think I’m pretty laid back, as long as it is a genuine accident.

Our present rug is looking pretty good, despite many such accidents. The last few rugs have come from Ikea which have been brilliant quality and price. Our living room currently has a an orange with white spots pattern which makes the perfect giant game board for my children. I doubt the designer ever thought it would be used for that! Anyway we try to replace it every couple of years though as it’s not always possible to get stains out. Thankfully my days of drinking at home and knocking a glass of wine over the carpet appear to be over.

I remember my Uni days when we always poured a glass of white wine or cup of salt over a red wine stain. Did it ever work? No, and it often made a far bigger stain! So I was excited to hear that Carpetright are working with stain removal experts, Dr Beckmann, to create useful video content on cleaning horrific red wine stains without wasting a drop of white wine! You can find the video nd more information about the Dr Beckmann Carpet Stain Remover on the Carpetright blog along with helpful advice on keeping your carpets fresh and in tip top condition.

Now I would love to hear your horror stories too. I’m hoping we’re not the only family with suspicious looking stains on the rug. Kids seem to attract mess so I’m sure my readers will be able to better my Ovaltime story. Or if you have any useful tips for keeping your carpets clean, please share them in the comments below.

Post in collaboration with Carpetright. Find out more about working with me here.

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I Can Make My Own Accessories review

I Can Make My Own Accessories book

I love craft books and it seems my enthusiasm has passed to my children too. Every time they hear the sound of the postman dropping a book through the letterbox they rush to open it.  Next month sees the publication of I Can Make My Own Accessories, a follow-on from the popular I Can Make Dolls’ Clothesboth from Thames & Hudson.

Written by former head of Children’s Wear Design at Liberty of London Louise Scott-Smith, and graphic designer Georgia Vaux, I Can Make My Own Accessories features on-trend pieces such as a festival garland and brooch.

With easy-to-follow guides, this creative book teaches children aged 7+ how to customize their own fashion accessories, express their own style, and provides fashion enthusiast parents with something fun to make with their children during the summer holidays and beyond.

I Can Make My Own Accessories

This is a lovely book to read together. You can create a flowery, festival hair garland, a furry bag charm, a jewelled statement collar necklace and much more with this new book for aspiring young fashion designers.

Each  tutorial is well set out with a list of equipment, illustrated instructions nad a photo of the finished product. Then there is a section of the book which is given to using the techniques you have learned to design and create your own fashion accessories. This is a great section as it encourages you to try your own thing. The book ends by setting out the basics of sewing, including how to thread a needle, sew a running stitch, and affix poppers and buttons.

I Can Make My Own Accessories

My 6 year old is really keen on sewing at the moment so I can’t wait to try some of these projects with him. I think it’s just what he needs to try simple projects but then use them as a base for other things. I know his younger sister will want us to make a few of the items for her too. I see a busy summer holidays in front of us!

I Can Make My Own Accessories by Louise Scott-Smith and Georgia Vaux is published by Thames & Hudson on 11th August 2016. It is suitable for ages 7+.