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How to make Galaxy Painted Rocks

How to make Galaxy Painted Rocks

Have you tried making painted rocks with your children? They are so much fun to make and hide that it’s been a favourite craft of ours for the last few months. Being part of an active Facebook group definitely helps as people regularly post that they have found and re-hidden our painted rocks. We recently had fun decorating Galaxy Painted Rocks so I thought I would share how we made them.


Bag of smooth pebbles or rocks (we like these – Amazon affiliate link)

Black spray paint

Blue, purple and white acrylic paint

Varnish to seal the painted rocks (we use Wilko Gloss Yacht Varnish)

How to make Galaxy Painted Rocks

We decided to give the pebbles a coat of black paint first. We covered both sides and made sure they were fully covered.

easy galaxy rocks

We chose two contrasting colours, using dark blue and purple to create the stars. We tried applying the colour using make up sponges and a toothbrush to get a speckled effect. First we applied one colour, leaving the rocks to dry before adding the second colour.

easy galaxy painted rocks

We left them to dry but they looked a little dull so we added some small details with white paint.

how to make galaxy rocks

When we were happy we varnished them. We’ve started using Wilko Gloss Yacht Varnish which someone recommended to us. It’s really thick and gloopy but it makes our rocks look lovely and shiny, and more importantly seals them and as it’s water-resistant, it stops the colour washing off. You need to leave them to dry fully which takes up to 24 hours but it’s worth the wait.

We’ve been hiding our Galaxy Painted Rocks during recent adventures In Devon, Centre Parcs and Bletchley Park. We know most of them have been found as we added our local tag.

hiding Galaxy Painted ROcks


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    June 9, 2019 at 8:40 pm

    I love painted rocks and they are just gorgeous!

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    June 10, 2019 at 7:56 am

    This is such a cool idea! I haven’t noticed any painted rocks near me, but I hear about them all the time from friends in different parts of the country.

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