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Liberty fabric rocks

Liberty fabric covered rocks

It’s been a while since we’ve painted any rocks to hide locally. We have such a stash that we can pick a couple up on our way out, we have so many! However I recently had some small off-cuts of my favourite Liberty fabrics and  decided to use them to make some updated rocks.

Liberty fabric rocks

I like to keep a pot for scraps of Liberty fabrics. Liberty fabrics are so colourful and pretty that it seems a shame to throw them away, so the simplest thing to do was keep a small pot for little pieces and off cuts. They soon accumulated to quite a big stash, so I came up wit ha little DIY to use them up.

Our family love to make and hide painted rocks (still!) so we’ve adapted our painted rocks to be fabric rocks. Little off cuts of fabric suit this project well. All you need to make your own Liberty fabric rocks are:


off cuts of Liberty fabrics

PVA glue

Paint brush

I had already washed and dried my rocks to make sure the surface was clean. I took my off cuts and cut them into small pieces.

Liberty fabric rocks

Then applied a think layer of glue to the surface of the rock, and placing a piece of fabric on top.

Liberty fabric rocks

I made sure the edges overlapped and continued to cover the rock with glue, and add the fabric until the whole rock was covered. I did this with a selection of rocks and left them to dry for a few hours.

Liberty fabric rocks

If you find your rock is too sticky you can always cover one side, then set it aside to dry, before finishing the other side.

Liberty fabric rocks

The glue dries clear so you are left with the prettiest little Liberty covered rocks. They look great together in a bowl or as a paperweight.

Liberty fabric rocks

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    Sarah W
    August 16, 2023 at 7:53 am

    This is such a fun way to use up fabric scraps.

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