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How to make a cover for a drop-in seat pad

A couple of year ago I fell in love with a vintage Lloyd Loom nursing chair and bought it. There was the slight matter that I bought it in Devon and we lived in London, but my husband kindly squeezed it into our little car. I bought it for my son’s room and covered it with a cute Cath Kidston print.

Roll on a couple of years and it made it’s way into my daughters’ room. I’ve been meaning to change the cover for ages but never got round to it – until this weekend! Yes, I finally made a new cover to suit my daughter’s room.

drop in seat cover tutorial

How to make a cover for a drop-in seat pad

The seat pad drops-in to the wooden frame of the chair. You can I’ve kept the original seat cover as it’s beautiful in it’s slightly distressed state. I took the seat out of the frame, turned it over and laid it down on my fabric, a gorgeous print from Belle and Boo. I’ve used some of Belle and Boo fabric before and it’s really lovely to work with.

vintage seat cushion

I pinned about 5″ away from the edge of the seat, all the way around, then cut out my piece of fabric.

How to make a cover for a drop-in seat

I turned it over and pinned the hem, making sure I added pleats to the curved edges.

How to make a cover for a drop-in seat

I stitched round the cover on my sewing machine, leaving a small gap so I could thread the elastic.

how to make a seat cover

I put a safety pin on one end of the elastic and threaded it round the cover. I placed the cover on the cushion and pulled the elastic tight so the cover fitted. I tied the elastic in a knot and cut the ends short.

vintage lloyd loom chair

The colours really complement her room which is very pink at the moment. Unfortunately the new seat cover really shows up the paintwork so I might take the opportunity to paint it pink to match the seat pad. I’m really pleased it only took a couple of hours – my perfect project.


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    February 25, 2016 at 10:30 am

    It looks wonderful and you made the project look so easy. I fancy getting a sewing machine, but I’m not sure I would any good at sewing. 🙂

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