Crafts for kids International Lego Day

Crafts to celebrate International Lego Day

Crafts to celebrate International Lego Day

Did you know that International Lego Day is celebrated on the 28th January? I hadn’t heard of this day before but I love the sound of anything which celebrates Lego bricks. Our family have always been huge fans of Lego and over the years have shared some fun crafts and activities with Lego. Today I thought I would share crafts to celebrate International Lego Day.

Crafts to celebrate International Lego Day

How to make a Lego clock – this fun and colourful clock is easy to customise from your favourite Lego bricks. This is a favourite DIY of ours and so easy to make yourself.

How to make a lego soap dispenser – if you need to encourage your child to wash their hands (who doesn’t!?) then this easy Lego soap dispenser is a must-have. Just grab and re-use an old soap dispenser and fill with colourful bricks. It’s fun to watch the bricks ‘dance’ as you wash your hands.

How to make a Portable Lego Kit – when our son was a toddler he always had to carry some Lego bricks with him. He loved to build and create so we made a portable Lego Kit from an old container. It was the perfect size for him to carry around and kept his Lego tidy.

Free printable 30 day Lego building challenge – I created this free printable 30 day Lego building challenge when I needed something to keep my kids busy. They love a challenge and this was a fun boredom buster.

Free printable Santa’s Workshop Lego Challenge – our 30 day Lego building challenge was such a success I whipped up a festive version.

How to make easy Lego Men Soaps – we love a handmade gift and couldn’t resist making some easy Lego Men Soaps. quick and easy to make and a little bit different for a special gift.

How to make a Father’s Day Lego frame – this Cricut made craft is fun for the whole family to make. We used our Cricut Maker to cut out words from card which we placed in a frame over colourful Lego bricks. This made a great gift for a Dad who loves Lego on Father’s Day.

DIY Leia and Hans Solo frame – we re-used Lego Leia and Hans Solo minifigures to make this sweet Star Wars themed frame for Valentine’s Day.

Easy Lego biscuits – who doesn’t love a Lego themed snack. We loved recreating Lego bricks into biscuits and we think they turned out well. Let us know if you try this yourself!

Visit the London Lego Store – we are frequent visitors to the London Lego Store and although it changes quite often there is always something to see and do. It has recently expanded and now you can learn more about the history of the Lego brick as well as meet lots of your favourite Lego characters from the wizarding world of Harry Potter and more.

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