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Cricut made Father’s Day Lego frame

Cricut made Father's Day Lego frame

I couldn’t wait to use my Cricut Maker to make a handmade gift for my children to give this Father’s Day. Unsurprisingly, my husband loves Lego as much as my children, so I used my Cricut Maker to make a Father’s Day Lego frame. Let me tell you how I made it!

Father’s Day Lego frame supplies:
Cricut Maker
Standard Grip mat
Box frame
Cricut Metallic Poster Board
Lego bricks

How to make a Father’s Day Lego frame

I wanted to make a piece of wall art using a box frame filled with lego bricks. We love lego bricks but I thought it would be nice to display them in a different way!

I opened up Design Space to design the words I wanted to display in the box frame. I settled on the words ‘Love You Dad’ as these filled the frame perfectly whilst allowing space to see the Lego bricks behind them.

Cricut Maker Design Space project

Using a sheet of Cricut Metallic Poster Board and the Standard Grip mat I cut the letters out.

Father's Day Lego frame

Then I carefully removed the card from the Standard Grip mat.

60x84 cm Brexit poster

I had set the measurements to fit inside the box frame so placed it directly into the frame next to the glass. Then my 7 year old filled the frame with Lego bricks. She was surprisingly methodical and made sure there were no gaps whereas I had planned loose bricks which would move whenever the frames was shaken!

Lego Father's Day wall art

The colourful Lego bricks make our message stand out, and will make a lovely handmade gift this Father’s Day.


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