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Tissue paper unicorn horn craft

Tissue paper unicorn horn craft

I’m sure it can’t have escaped your attention that everyone is obsessed with unicorns. I admit that we love unicorns too, I’ve even been drinking out of a unicorn mug for the last few months. We’ve made a few unicorn crafts, such as our unicorn painted rocks,  but there’s always room for more.

I’ve been thinking about making a colourful unicorn horn for a while and when we received our latest box of Bostik Bloggers craft supplies I knew we had everything we needed to make it.

Tissue paper unicorn horn craft

First I drew the outline of a unicorn horn on a large piece of card. This was really simple but when I showed my children they were really excited and each had their own ideas on how to decorate it.

Tissue paper unicorn horn craft

My 6 year old picked a rainbow of tissue paper which I helped her cut into small pieces. She then glued the coloured pieces of tissue paper on to the unicorn horn to make a pretty tissue paper unicorn horn craft.

Tissue paper unicorn horn craft

My 8 year old immediately asked to use the Blu Tack Glitter Pens. He just loves them and is strong enough to squeeze out the clear gel. He made a different pattern in each part of the unicorn horn and as it was a sunny day we left it outside to dry in the warn sunshine.

glittery unicorn craft for kids

They both decorated one more unicorn horn. My daughter covered her sheet in Blu Tack blu stick glue before sprinkling glitter all over it. It was a little messy but we don’t use glitter very often any more. It was very sparkly and perfect for a unicorn craft.

glitter unicorn craft for kids

My son added small paper flowers to the different parts of the unicorn horn. He is quite neat and methodical, like me 🙂

rainbow unicorn craft for kids

I love that they can take a simple line drawing and both interpret it in different ways. It’s been a while since they made anything quite so colourful but they were pretty proud of these pictures and I am too.

simple unicorn craft for kids

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