Friends of Sylvanian Families playing toy review

Sylvanian Families Maple Cat Family

Sylvanian Families Maple Cat Family

My 6 year old loves her Sylvanian Families toys. Have you heard of these before? They are sweet little animal characters with charming and beautiful homes, furniture and accessories. They live, work and play in Sylvania which was apparently based on a 1950s fictional British village. This year a Town setting was introduced to the range. This exciting urban destination lets the characters visit on a special ‘day out’. It’s also where the ‘older sister’ characters work – doing their dream jobs.

We’ve already told you about Stella the Chocolate Rabbit sister, who is one of the older sisters who works in the Town. Today we are excited to tell you about the new Sylvanian Families Maple Cat Family – Thoedore, Georgina, Jasper and Millie.

Sylvanian Families Maple Cat Family

Sylvanian Families Maple Cat Family

Father Theodore Maple drives the tram in town and knows all the best places to visit. He keeps notes in his trusty little notebook of all the places he has been to, and is always more than happy to recommend a nice restaurant or the best shops! During his free time, Theodore loves to devise treasure maps for his children to follow, which keeps them outside hunting for clues for hours!

Mother Georgina Maple runs her own business in town. In summer her gelato parlour has queues around the block with Sylvanians eagerly waiting in line to try her latest flavours. Even in winter customers cannot resist her wonderful homemade gelato. Georgina loves to experiment with different flavour combinations, especially using fresh fruit; although no-one in her family liked the mango and peanut butter flavour she tested on them last week!

Brother Jasper Maple loves to read. Sometimes he is so absorbed in his book that he forgets where he is, and often misses his stop on the tram! Inspired by all his favourite books, Jasper has lately started to write his own stories; his mother thinks he may grow up to be a famous author one day.

Sister Millie Maple loves flower arranging. She is very talented and decorates her family’s home with colourful floral masterpieces. When she grows up, Millie wants to start her own business just like her mother, and thinks she might like to grown her own flowers, and perhaps design bouquets and table centrepieces for weddings.

Maple Cat Family

The little family also came with a story book called Flower Everywhere. My 6 year old loves the story books and keeps them next to her bed for her bedtime stories! This is a lovely family and you can buy the Maple Cat Family twins separately. The Maple Cat Family cost around £19.99 although you can purchase them from the Sylvanian Families Shop for £16.99.

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