Small world car play {A-Z Play at Home}

Small world car play

Today we’re taking part in the A-Z Play at Home blog hop organised by Teach Me Mommy. This weeks letter is C and I immediately knew that we would be using our toy car collection. My son has always loved his cars and is a huge fan of the Disney Pixar Cars film (did you know a third one is coming out this summer?).

My son collected pretty much all his favourite car characters and a few play sets. The play sets are long gone but he has kept the cars. I thought it would be fun to play with them in a different way – small world car play !

Small world car play activity

It is so easy to set up small world play. We have a small mixing tray which I bought at the local Garden Centre, which is great for indoor play. We got it out with a selection of our smallest cars, some cones, wheels and chalk.

small world car play

Small world car play is brilliant for children. It’s completely open ended, there is no ‘right’ way to play so children can really let their imagination run wild. My 5 year old drew a road then added other features, such as a car park and shops. She loved moving the cars around, making up stories about them all. Of course when her older brother got home he immediately took over and had his own ideas.

small world car play activity for kids

There are lots of ways to play with cars and I’m pretty sure that it’s something all families with small children have. Small world play is easy to set up and if the weather is good this is a great activity to take outside. All you need is some chalk to create roads.

small world car play activity for kids

This activity has inspired a few more days of playing with cars in our house. Are you excited for Disney Cars 3? We are!

small world car play activity for kids

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