World Otter Day

World Otter Day crafts and activities for kids

World Otter Day crafts and activities for kids

Otters are fascinating and playful aquatic mammals that belong to the Mustelidae family, which also includes weasels, badgers, and minks. These charismatic creatures are known for their sleek bodies, webbed feet, and unique adaptations for a semi-aquatic lifestyle. Let’s dive into the world of otters and explore some interesting facts about them.

There are 13 species of otters spread across various regions of the world, including North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. They inhabit both freshwater and marine environments, such as rivers, lakes, marshes, and coastlines. Each species of otter has its own distinct characteristics and adaptations, but they share several common traits.

One of the most notable features of otters is their dense, water-repellent fur. The fur consists of two layers: a warm undercoat close to the skin and longer guard hairs on top that help trap air and keep the otters dry and insulated in cold water. This feature allows them to maintain their body temperature even in frigid environments.

Another remarkable adaptation of otters is their webbed feet. These specialised feet make them excellent swimmers, allowing them to navigate through water with precision and speed. They can swim gracefully on the surface, dive underwater, and even walk on land. Otters use their strong tails as rudders, helping them to steer while swimming.

Did you know that World Otter Day is celebrated on the last Wednesday of May, which is May 31st this year. It focuses on raising awareness about how important otters are and also highlights the threats that they face. We love otters so thought we would help raise awareness by celebrating World Otter Day with a selection of crafts and activities for kids.

World Otter Day crafts and activities for kids

paper bag sea otter craft for kids with free printable sea otter template from buggy and buddy

cardboard otter craft for kids from brainy beginnings network

printable otters craft from learn create love

cute build an otter craft for kids from nurtured neurons

Squeakers the Otter free sewing pattern from fluffmonger

paper plate sea otter activity from kids and sea creatures

popsicle stick otter craft idea from glued to my crafts

footprint otter craft from mommy’s baby love

Goodnight Sea Otter activity based on the book Good Night Little Sea Otter from all things library

Easy otter painted rocks from the gingerbread house


I hope you like our selection of World Otter Day crafts and activities for kids. Let us know if you try any of them!

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