From Spring to Summer in Your Home

Spring has sprung…eventually. Living in the UK is never easy (unless you love the long winters), and this year was slightly more challenging. Did anyone else feel like the winter was longer than ever?

Still, spring has sprung right before summer. And if you’re anything like us, June 20th (the start of summer in the UK) can’t cope quickly enough. You’ll also be delighted to know we have some warmer weather on the way, with the 10-day forecast looking good.

Read on to learn how we think you can transition your home from spring to summer.

Revamp Your Living Space

As the days get longer and more sunshine floods your living room, now’s the perfect time to revamp your living space. Swap those heavy, thick curtains for lightweight, airy ones that let in lots of sun and a gentle breeze. This can completely change a room – making it lighter and more inviting.

Consider adding some vibrant throw pillows or a new colourful rug to bring some summer vibes into your home.

A fresh lick of paint never goes amiss. Opt for pale blues, greens, or even a soft yellow – cool, soothing colours that reflect warmth without overpowering your senses for what’s still technically springtime.

Spruce up Your Outdoor Area

Nothing says summer quite like spending time outside. Whether you’ve got a small balcony or an expansive garden – make it somewhere you love relaxing in/entertaining friends and family throughout warm weather seasons. Start by clearing away clutter; it’s amazing how much better an area can look after a thorough clean out. If you’ve got grass, give it a good mow and consider planting some new flowers/shrubs to brighten your outdoor view. Or, if you need to, plant grass seeds now to start the process of lush green grass for summer.

For those with larger spaces, consider investing in new outdoor furniture or upgrading your BBQ setup ready for those summer evening feasts.

For everything outdoors, go to premium building merchants for high-quality supplies. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes.

Indoor Summer Accessories

When transitioning your home for summer – don’t underestimate the power of indoor accessories in creating a sunny, laid-back atmosphere.

Decorative vases filled with fresh seasonal flowers or a bowl of citrus fruits make perfect centrepieces – injecting life and colour into any room. You won’t find these purchases expensive.

Introduce scented candles or diffusers with fragrances such as lavender, citrus or mint – these can help refresh and lighten the air within your home. Wall art also plays a big part; try switching out images/frames for artwork showcasing seascapes/landscapes to shift the mood towards something more distinctly summery. Again, inexpensive purchases. You’ll find cheap examples on Etsy.

Our tips ensure your house moves effortlessly from spring’s newness to summers warmth and enthusiasm by following these suggestions. And if you’re anything like us, you’re more than ready to transition to summer – well, Britain’s version of summer. Have fun and take advantage of what the season has to offer!

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