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Fused Glass Christmas trees {from Twice Fired}

Glass fuse kit from Twice Fired

I really enjoyed putting together my Crafty Gift Guide this year. I love to receive crafty gifts as I love to make things and try out new crafts. Hopefully my readers will find it helpful and find some lovely gifts for the crafter in their life. Twice Fired kindly gifted me one of their make at home fused glass kits and I couldn’t wait to try out a new craft.

Fused Glass Christmas trees

Our Fused Glass Christmas Tree kit included everything needed to make  a real fused glass item, return stamps and address label and full instructions.

These make great gifts, family activity time, virtual workshops with friends, lockdown Christmas treats, or for some mindfulness time and exploring a new craft. You also have access to online support should you need it.

The Fused Glass kit from Twice Fired was all neatly packed in a box. Our kit contained 4 pieces of base glass, glue, brush, tweezers, spray, instructions, frit, mica and stringers. It was a little daunting but I read through the instructions, made sure the kids were at school, and sat down for some crafting.

Glass fuse kit from Twice Fired

For my first attempt I decided to copy the design on the instruction sheet. I covered the glass blank in glue, them decorated it with the stringers. I could break these to the size I needed by just snapping them.

Glass fuse kit from Twice Fired

Then I added the small pieces of frit to my glass.

Glass fuse kit from Twice Fired

And finished it off with a tiny sprinkle of the mica.

Glass fuse kit from Twice Fired

I did this with each of the four glass tree shapes, changing my design each time as I got more confident. The glass was a little sharp and I had to be careful with tiny pieces which broke off as I snapped the stringers. I made sure to wear my glasses and had a good clean up after I had finished.

When I was happy with my designs I gave each tree a couple of sprays with the hair spray to seal them. Then I packed everything back into the box and sent it back to Twice Fired. Within a couple of days I received a parcel with my glass Christmas trees in them. Not only had they been fired in the kiln, they also had a small hanger attached with a ribbon through it so they could be hung. I love how they turned out. All the sharp edges were gone and the small pieces of frit and stringers melted to make a really colourful decoration.

fused glass Christmas trees

You can purchase the Make At Home Christmas Tree kits from the Twice Fired website.

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