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DIY Star Wars skittles

DIY Star Wars skittles

The weather has been beautiful recently, so warm and sunny that the children have been spending lots of time outdoors. They have their favourite games but I’m always happy to introduce new ones. A few months ago the children collected a range of Star Wars-themed water bottles.  They wouldn’t let me throw them away so they’ve been in our junk modelling box ever since. Today I’m joining in with theA-Z of Outdoor Activities with the letter Q. I knew these bottles would be perfect for an outdoor game of Quilles, the old French word for skittles.

Equipment to make Star Wars skittles:
5 x empty water bottles

How to make Star Wars skittles:

We took the empty bottles and the children filled them up using sand from their sand pit. They tried using funnels from their Mud Kitchen but ended up pouring in the sand any way they could. When they were full they screwed the tops back on them.

DIY Star Wars skittles

Then we set up our home-made skittles on the patio. The children added chalk lines showing them where to stand, and found the heaviest balls they could. They took it in turns to throw the balls at the skittles, trying to knock them down.

DIY Star Wars skittles

They came up with a complicated system of points for knocking over the different characters but our home-made Star Wars skittles kept them busy for ages. This game works really well outside where there’s plenty of space to play but can also be packed in the car for adventures on the beach too.

DIY Star Wars skittles

Today we’re joining in with the A-Z of Outdoor Activities blog hop hosted by Crafty Kids at Home



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    Such a simple idea, but great fun, especially with the star wars theme.
    Thanks for sharing with #LetKidsbeKids

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