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  • cooking nursery reviews school

    Feeding an army

    Now the toddler is at school during the afternoons I find feeding him a little tricky. Although we live near school he starts at 12.25 so I need to fit in…

  • nursery potty training

    Lots of firsts

    The last week has been very busy in the gingerbread household. I’m not sure why everything has happened at once but the toddler was finally potty trained, started at his new…

  • Lego nursery

    2013 Summer Bucket List

    I love writing lists and ticking things off so this year we’ve made a Summer Bucket List. In an ideal world I’d have a grown up bucket list (which picked up…

  • moving nursery

    Preparing for the school run!

    Today was our first full day in our new house. The move from North to West London went smoothly with two toddlers in tow. This time round we paid for all…

  • nursery parenting toddler

    New habits

    Edward has picked up new habits from his time at nursery and it’s so strange knowing he’s learning things outside the home. He still chatters away as he’s always done but…