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His time vs my time

Edward has now had five sessions at nursery. The first two were reduced hours to help him settle in but he’s now completed three full sessions.

Our main goal was to help him socialise with other children. I didn’t realise how hard this would be and despite lots of activities he seemed to pick up bad habits rather than good from other children. Without making it sound like I wanted to let someone else take responsibility for his behaviour we decided it would be of major benefit if he had regular time with other children in a secure environment.

I’m really happy the way he has settled in. As soon as we pull up outside the building he practically jumps out of the car and is running up the path. He gets collected at the front door and I have to get my kisses and cuddles in before he’s off without a backward glance. Obviously this is preferable to him not wanting to go, I’m just bemused that we’ve spent 19 months together and he’s so happy to spend time away from me!

It’s taking me slightly longer to adjust to the new arrangement. For the first couple of sessions I hung around near the nursery in case they phoned me to come and get him (which they didn’t). I’ve had more cups of tea on my own in Starbucks than ever before and even enjoyed a peaceful lunch where I got to eat the food hot and didn’t have to share any of it. It’s strange being out and about without a buggy or toddler but I’ve noticed I have a lot more energy due to a couple of hours on my own.

Only a couple of weeks and life will change again. At least I have peace of mind knowing Edward has a little place of his own away from the coming madness!




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