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Hickory Dickory Dock craft

My son is really enjoying being a part of his new nursery. I’m enjoying the routine (and a 3 hour break from my son every day, what’s not to love?) and he’s learning more than I could have imagined.

This term has been all about nursery rhymes and he came home with a booklet for me which listed all the nursery rhymes they would be learning and some home learning suggestions. I was more than happy to receive the suggestions as, despite my Pinterest addiction, I do occasionally run short on ideas. He’s a busy little soul who’s constantly asking to make things.

Hickory Dickory Dock craft for pre-schoolers

His current favourite nursery rhyme is Hickory Dickory Dock so today we rustled up our own version. I found a great printable online and we set to work with a shoe box.

My job was to cut out the clock face, mouse and arrows. Then he got busy with the glue stick and created his own clock. He was really happy and even sang the nursery rhyme as he got to work.

hickory dickory dock craft for kids

At the grand old age of 3 he’s already got his own watch. He loves telling the time and I’m sure it won’t be long before he gets an upgrade from his Disney Cars watch.

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