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{book review} A Loom of One’s Own

{book review} A Loom of One's Own

I love browsing craft books for inspiration and was recently gifted a copy of A Loom of One’s Own: Crafts for Book Lovers by Virginia Wool. This book is the perfect gift for fans of classic novels, crafting and puns.

A Loom of One’s Own

“Take old, damaged or under-loved books and give them a new reason to be – a new purpose.” – Virginia Wool

A Loom of One’s Own is a crafting celebration of literary classics. Packed full of designs, these crafts are all uniquely created by cutting, painting and slicing those old, under-loved books you have lying around, giving your novels a new lease of life in the form of beautiful crafts.

{book review} A Loom of One's Own

From a shelf made of books to ‘Scary Poppins’ pumpkins, Christmas wreaths to table decorations, A Loom of One’s Own contains crafts that are perfect for all occasions, from weddings (Game of Cones) to seasonal celebrations (The Grapes of Wrath). The ease of the designs means that they are perfect for crafters of all abilities – all you need is a love of books and glue gun.

I have to admit to enjoy crafting with pages of old books and have bought several just for the beautiful illustrations. There was the vintage Star Wars paperback I used to back the Lego Hans Solo and Princess Leia art, and the vintage book page I used to celebrate World Book Day a few years ago. I love to recycle and there are some fun projects for recycling the printed word into art.

This is a sweet little book and will provide lots of inspiration for all abilities. We’ve already tried Hidden Island Treasure (turning an unwanted paperback into a secret hiding place), and can’t wait to try more of the crafts.

A Loom of One’s Own: Crafts for Book Lovers by Virginia Wool was published on 4th August by HarperNonFiction priced £9.99.

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    Samantha Donnelly
    September 8, 2022 at 3:59 pm

    After spending hours in a craft shop today this sounds like a great book to sit and get inspiration from. I will have to look out for it as really want to get back into my crafting

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