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A trip to the Boardroom Gaming Cafe

Boardroom Gaming Cafe

Over the Easter holidays we enjoyed a few days away in Ironbridge, a pretty village in Ironbridge Gorge which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We planned some fun days out including, the Cat Cafe in Shrewsbury, a trip to the Emma Bridgwater Decorating Studio and the Boardroom Gaming Cafe in Telford.

If there is any kind of board game cafe when we go away, we will always try and visit. The kids are constantly hungry so a Board Game Cafe is usually a good bet to keep them amused whilst we stop for drinks and snacks.

Boardroom Gaming Cafe

The Boardroom Gaming Cafe was easy to find with a car park minutes away. They have an extensive stock of board games with over 600 to choose from.

Boardroom Gaming Cafe

Our first board game choice was Animal Crossing Monopoly.

Animal Crossing Monopoly

Monopoly is always an easy choice and I love Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. We were the first people to play this game so popped all the cardboard tokens out before we played. The rules were easy to pick up and the whole family enjoyed this game, which took about an hour.

Animal Crossing Monopoly

Our second game choice was less successful. Big Brother opted for Risk which we’ve only played a few times. Little Sis didn’t want to play which made for an awkward game! We played for about 30 minutes but ran out of time as we had booked a visit to Frankly Alpacas.

Risk Board Game

We enjoyed a few drinks and, as the cafe was dog-friendly, the pup had a puppuccino.

It was good to try a new game, although we spotted a few of the Ticket To Ride games which are a firm favourite and we could have easily played. The cafe was busy with a nice atmosphere, we would happily go back if we lived closer.

puppuccino time

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    April 24, 2024 at 11:20 am

    Love that even the dog was catered for!

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      April 24, 2024 at 11:22 am

      He gets more attention than anyone!

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