Rogues Quarter Board Game Cafe

dog-friendly Rogues Quarter Board Game Cafe

A few weeks ago we had a brilliant day out in London. We decided to try a new Board Game Cafe, Rogues Quarter, followed by a pub lunch and long dog walk. The weather was perfect so we were looking forward to our day out.

Rogues Quarter Board Game Cafe

First stop was Rogues Quarter Board Game Cafe. Rogues Quarter Board Game Cafe can be found in Kentish Town, which is our old stomping ground. It was great to be back in the area and the Board Game Cafe can be found on Queens Crescent, a really vibrant street, housed in an old pub. There’s a fun mural painted on the outside wall, featuring lots of characters, which my daughter loved.

Rogues Quarter Board Game Cafe

The Board Game Cafe hosts Magic: The Gathering events, has huge 6×4 gaming tables for Wargaming, and smaller tables to enjoy all the other games they stock. We enjoyed browsing the wall of board games and plumped for Muffin Time.

Muffin Time card game

The card game is from the world of ASDF Movies and Youtube star Tomska. As a player you need to collect and keep 10 cards to win the game. There are 200 cards filled with absolutely everything you could imagine! This game was new to us but easy to pick up and good fun. We played it for about 30 minutes.

Then we chose Ticket to Ride: Africa. We are huge fans of Ticket To Ride and thought this would be fun and familiar, therefore easy to play. We used the cards from the main version as this was an expansion game. It was easy to pick up, although would take a little longer to learn if you were new to the Ticket To Ride series.

Ticket to Ride: Africa

The game took us about a hour to play. My husband won – he always wins Ticket To Ride!

We decided not to start another game as we had booked a table elsewhere for lunch. Rogues Quarter serves snacks and drinks so we were very well refreshed as we played.

wall of board games

The cafe is dog-friendly too, which is a huge bonus for us.

We enjoyed our visit to Rogues Quarter and would definitely visit again. It would be a great place to spend an autumnal afternoon, I just wish we lived closer.

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    October 16, 2023 at 3:47 pm

    I LOVE that it’s dog friendly! This place looks amazing. I’d love to check it out one day! Thank you for sharing this! Love your pics!

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    Rhian Scammell
    October 16, 2023 at 3:57 pm

    I’ve been to a few board game cafes before, but never a dog friendly one so that sounds great. I love ticket to ride too but my husband isn’t the biggest fan so we don’t play that often x

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