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Snacks and Ladders Board Game Cafe

Snacks and Ladders Board Game Cafe

It seems ages ago we enjoyed our family holiday on the Isle of Wight. We’ve been fortunate to visit many times and hadĀ  a great time exploring our favourite haunts. There were new places too, one of which was the delightfully namedĀ Snacks and Ladders Board Game Cafe. We are a family that just loves board games so we couldn’t wait to visit.

Snacks and Ladders Board Game Cafe

A Board Game Cafe is a cafe with board games you can play. You can just turn up and play, or you can play and enjoy food and drink whilst you play. The Snacks and Ladders Board Game Cafe is based in Newport and we pre-booked a table for the four of us, we were able to take our little pup too!

When we arrived we were shown our table and told how the Board Game Cafe worked. We had a 2 hour slot so wanted to play games and order food too. First of all we ordered a pupachino for our little pup (which he loved).


pupachino at Snacks and Ladders Board Game Cafe

then we ordered a variety of milkshakes for us – Lotus Biscoff for me!

Lotus biscoff milkshake

There were hundreds of board games to choose from but my 11 year old chose first and went for a Star Wars version of Carcassonne. I love Carcassonne, a simple tile-placement game, but the Star Wars version threw me slightly. We played a simple version of it before choosing our next game. Star Wars Carcassonne

The second game we chose was Rhino Hero Super Battle by HABA which the staff recommended to us. You build cardboard towers and try and get your animal to the top before it falls down. It was so much fun to play that the kids were begging me to buy a copy for us!

Rhino Hero Super Battle by HABA

We managed to use up all our cards before I knocked everything down! Thankfully our food came so we quickly packed away to enjoy our yummy pizzas.

Snacks and Ladders Board Game Cafe

We had so much fun at the Snacks and Ladders Board Game Cafe that we could easily have gone again and again. They had an amazing selection of games, the Ticket to Ride range especially caught my eye.

Have you ever been to a Board Game Cafe? I really want to go to one again soon.


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    September 11, 2021 at 12:00 am

    That milkshake looks wonderfully delicious. This sounds like a super fun place to visit, and I bet would make a cool spot for date nights!!

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    September 14, 2021 at 10:57 am

    This games cafe sounds a lot of fun, though I’m surprised they let people play without buying anything. But I guess most people would buy a drink at least while they were there. Great that they allowed you to bring your puppy as well!

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