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How a good routine keeps us sane

How a good routine keeps us sane

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Like many people we’ve made the most of spending the last few months at home. Whilst the children were learning at home it felt like our dining room was a school room! It wasn’t ideal, but being safe was the most important thing. We spent a lot of time tidying and de-cluttering and maintaining a good routine to keep us all sane during an insane time.

How a good routine keeps us sane

I’m a person who thrives on routine. I love to plan and make lists and this has always helped me keep my focus and get things done. With two children and a naughty puppy, routine is still my best friend and really helped me to keep sane during this uncertain time. As my husband has been working full-time from home, it was up to me to look after the children, ensure they kept up with home learning while minimising stress levels for everyone.

The importance of a good nights’ sleep

Shall I tell you how I did it? I ensured we all got up at a reasonable time, started ‘work’ by 9am and got a good night’s sleep. Sleep is so important, especially so for growing children, and we all thrive on a proper night’s sleep. We relaxed the rule at weekends, especially as the kids went through a phase of camping out in the garden and staying up to watch the stars, but we made sure to keep a good sleep routine with the kids. We continued with bath night twice a week, as well as taking it in turns to read with both children, and this helped ensure they slept well.

reading in bed

A decent mattress

The children love their bedrooms and thankfully we had just replaced my son’s mid-sleeper to a more grown up single bed and new mattress at the start of lockdown. We found a handy mattress size guide which helped when we purchased his new mattress and he sleeps so well in his new grown up bedroom. We have always wanted their bedrooms to be a relaxing place for them to chill out in when they need some quiet time, and this became essential when we have been spending so much time together!

Tidy bedroom, tidy mind ….

The most challenge thing has been trying to get the children to keep their bedrooms tidy. This is something that neither of them enjoys doing but is one of the things they have to do for their weekly pocket money. My son has covered his room in Lego creations whilst my 8-year old’s floor has a mini Sylvanian Families village set up. It’s a nightmare trying to walk into their rooms.

kids sitting on their bed

I’m sure that most children are a little messy but I would love to hear how you encourage a clean and tidy bedroom. I’ve always thought that a tidy bedroom meant a tidy mind but that’s not happening within my home! I do believe that a tidy bedroom makes a more relaxing place to relax and sleep and it makes it so much easier for me to change the bedding and wash the floor when it’s clear of clutter.

Practising mindfulness

There are other ways to minimise stress at home. I’m definitely not an expert and my children argue like most siblings, but I know they also love each other and have helped each other get through the last few tricky months. They have missed their friends so much but have formed a deeper bond because of what we have all been through.

As you all know, we love to be mindful and we can practise this easily. We have baked, crafted, journaled and coloured. These mindful activities allow us time to think and reflect which is so essential in the modern world.

Back to school

In a few weeks the children will hopefully be going back to school and routine will be even more important. We are all a little nervous and excited about the next chapter but I’m hopeful that our routine will stand us in good stead for dealing with whatever happens.


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    Kristine Nicole Alessandra
    August 17, 2020 at 12:39 pm

    My husband always said, “children are creatures of habit,” which means they do well with an established routine. I believe it, because it not only trains them early on to be organized, but it also helps them to be responsible for themselves and for their things.

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    Rebecca Smith
    August 18, 2020 at 12:56 pm

    Our routine has been all over the place during lockdown but I am keen to get it on back on track ready for September. Getting the kids to keep their rooms tidy has been a nightmare but thankfully they’ve been keeping on top of it.

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    August 27, 2020 at 11:49 am

    This has been such a difficult year for everyone, with children no exception. As you say, the best we can hope is that family bonds have been strengthened through lockdown. But here’s hoping the return to schools goes smoothly now and something a bit closer to normal life can be resumed.

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