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Blogger Board Game Club: House of Danger

Blogger Board Game Club: House of Danger

Our latest game from the Blogger Board Game Club was House of Danger, based on the book by R.A. Montgomery. When I first saw the game it immediately made me think of the story books I read as a child, the ones with multiple possible endings where you choose your own adventure. I loved that kind of book and saw that the game was billed as a cooperative adventure game by Prospero Hall.

Blogger Board Game Club: House of Danger

Although the game is recommended for ages 10 and over our children really wanted to play it with us. They love board games so we decided to try it. We read through the instructions and set up the game board with the Story and Clue cards. In House of Danger you are an aspiring detective and psychic investigator. For weeks, you have experienced recurring nightmares that you sense might be important. Your mission is to get to the bottom of these visions.

Blogger Board Game Club: House of Danger

We took it in turns to read the story, which is divided into five chapters, deciding where to go and what to do. You can play House of Danger on your own or in a group. So far we’ve only tried it in a group and we haven’t reached the end!

playing House of Danger

Each chapter takes around 60 minutes to play so we’ve only managed 4 chapters as you are meant to play each chapter in a single session – we don’t know how the story ends! I imagine it’s a lot quicker if played by 1 person, but half the fun for us was taking it in turns to read the cards, and discussing where to go in the game.

playing House of Danger

I thought the game was a clever updated version of the Choose Your Own Adventure books. The story is engaging and I can easily imagine playing it with a group of friends.

Essential information:

What’s inside the box: 160 Story Cards, 129 Clue Cards, 1 Game Board, 1 Die, 1 Psychic Mover, 1 Danger Mover and instructions

House of Danger is priced £21.99

Perfect for ages 10 and over

Can be played by 1 or more players

A game takes around 60 minutes per chapter

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