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Star Wars toys for fans of The Last Jedi

Star Wars toys for fans of The Last Jedi

It can’t have escaped your notice that the latest Star Wars film was released earlier this month. On 14th December Star Wars: The Last Jedi finally came to our screens and the whole family went to watch – in our favourite Star Wars clothes – on the 16th. As well as the new film, we were also looking forward to seeing which toys would be brought out to tie in with The Last Jedi.

As huge Star Wars fans we were excited to be offered a bundle of Star Wars toys from Hasbro to celebrate the new film, and from the YouTube mini series, Star Wars Forces of Destiny. These included the Star Wars Forces of Destiny Rey of Jakku Extendable Staff, Star Wars Bladebuilders Path of the Force Lightsaber, Star Wars Forces of Destiny Jyn Erso and BB8, Interactech Kylo Ren and Force Link with Kylo Ren.

Star Wars Forces of Destiny Rey of Jakku Extendable Staff

My 6 year old came to watch Star Wars: The Last Jedi with us. It was her first time watching a Star Wars film at the cinema and she really enjoyed the experience. She fell in love with the Porgs which featured heavily in her Christmas presents this year! She’s pretty familiar with Rey so I knew she would love the Star Wars Forces of Destiny Rey of Jakku Extendable Staff. It comes in 3 parts so you can make it bigger if you wish. Kids can imagine their own epic adventures across the face of the remote desert planet Jakku and in the galaxy beyond. With this Staff my daughter has been having lots of fights with her brother and his lightsaber collection!

Star Wars Bladebuilders Path of the Force Lightsaber

My 7 year old already has a little lightsaber collection so I couldn’t wait to see what he thought of the Star Wars Bladebuilders Path of the Force Lightsaber. Earlier this year we reviewed the Star Wars Bladebuilders Spin-Action Lightsaber which he’s had a a lot of fun with. Kids can imagine battling on the side of the Jedi with included Jedi connector piece featuring blue lights, or wield the Lightsaber on the side of the Sith with the Sith connector that features red light effects! We loved that this was such a versatile lightsaber and combines with his other lightsabers.

Star Wars Forces of Destiny Rey of Jakku and BB8

We’ve reviewed one of the Star Wars Forces of Destiny figures before. Star Wars Forces of Destiny is a YouTube mini series which my children love. Imagine epic adventures defending against the Empire among the giant trees of the forest moon of Endor with the Star Wars Forces of Destiny. Re-create the battles and stories of Star Wars with these true-to-entertainment and highly poseable figures. It’s very realistic and we love the fact the figure has poseable arms and legs. You can squeeze her waist and watch her twist, give her her staff and twist BB8’s head.

Star Wars Forces of Destiny Rey of Jakku and BB8

Interactech Kylo Ren

With over 60 different sound effects and phrases, the Interactech Kylo Ren figure uses a motion sensor to respond to specific movements and activate awesome battle effects. My son loves the Dark Side so has been playing with this figure a lot. His voice is very realistic which is great for play. It goes really well with Rey and BB8.

Force Link with Kylo Ren

We’ve seen the Force Link wearable technology sets in shops and my son has been desperate to try them out. He received the Force Link, which is a wearable cuff, and came with a 3.75-inch scale Kylo Ren figures. My 7 year old loves wearable tech so this is certainly an upgrade on his existing collection of Star Wars figures. Force Link can be used to activate lights, sounds, and phrases in Force Link-activated figures, accessories, vehicles, and playsets so I can see this being the start of a great collection! The figures can be played with on their own, but if you wear the Force Link wearable technology and pick up the included 3.75-inch scale figures, they can activate authentic sounds and phrases!

Force Link with Kylo Ren

It’s difficult to pick our favourite Star Wars toy from the bundle we were sent from Hasbro. My children always play with their figures but the lightsabre and staff have been very popular over the Christmas holidays. I’m longing for warmer weather as both are quite long and our house isn’t really big enough for them to re-create their favourite Star Wars battles with them indoors!


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    Kara Guppy
    December 31, 2017 at 6:21 pm

    I bought that Kylo Ren for Sebby for Christmas as it is his favourite character. He would love the force link too

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    Alan Moore
    January 1, 2018 at 10:01 am

    Star Wars has been around so long, I am glad they still making these toys. I do wonder whether it is worth keeping them unopened for the future. The ‘Responds to how you play’ is an interesting feature. Happy new year 🙂

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