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What I made in January 2024

I enjoyed writing my monthly crafty round ups so much that I’m going to carry on in 2024. I find it helpful to be accountable to myself and look forward to seeing the progress I make each month. It’s also not just stitching things but the delicious recipes we try or the puzzles we sit and do together, we always seem to be doing something!

What I made in January 2024

January was a loooong month. I am so happy that we’ve reached the end of it and can start looking forward. The long month meant we made a lot though, from jigsaws to cakes and everything in between.

The first thing I stitched and made was the Pretty Fabrics and Trims North Pole decorations. I’ve always loved stitching with felt and these were fun to make. I added some colourful bakers twine and put them away until we get the Christmas decorations out in December. I had fun choosing what colours to use and would always recommend their patterns as easy to follow.

Pretty Fabrics and Trims North Pole felt decorations

I find December such a busy month that I never have the time to make all the things I want to. So January also saw me trying my hand at book folding. I made a simple tree from an old magazine. It was quick, fun and recycled, what’s not to like?

folded magazine tree decoration

I used to sign up to craft swaps all the time but they don’t seem to be as frequent as they used to be. Which is why I signed up to the Benzie Design Valentine Exchange as soon as I saw it on Instagram. I found the sweetest pattern for a little felt bear from What a Curly Life to stitch and make. It’s on its way across the Pond to America so I hope my partner likes it.

Benzie Design Valentine Exchange

As well as stitching there has been a few jigsaws. I’m addicted to the Lawrence King ones so enjoyed The World of the Brontes puzzle, I also did a fun jigsaw of cats called Music Cats where each feline portrait was inspired by a famous musician, it was a little silly but the kids enjoyed it.

The World of the Brontes puzzle

Finally I tried a new craft to me – candle painting! I bought a kit last year and was excited to try decorating my own candles. Another fun craft, so simple my tween daughter could join in and decorate her own candles too!

try candle painting


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    February 5, 2024 at 1:13 am

    I never realized that you can use that you might otherwise throw away and teansform it into beautiful and useful things. A great way to express your creativity and reduce waste !

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    Melissa Cushing
    February 6, 2024 at 11:50 pm

    I am so loving all of your DIY crafts and the items you made! Very cool and I have always been a crafter myself an you make me want to create something 😉

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    Archana Singh
    February 7, 2024 at 2:15 am

    You are so creative. I absolutely loved your DIY creations. So thoughtful and creative.

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