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What I made in February 2024

February passed by quickly, like it usually does. I enjoyed watching the days get longer and my Spring flowers blooming. I love to use my blog to hold myself to account and have written a little update about the things I have been creating over the month.

What I made in February 2024

I bought myself a second sashiko table runner as I enjoyed the process of embroidering the previous one so much. The table runner features pre-printed bows and I chose a lovely green sashiko thread to embroider it. It was the only project I took away with me to Bath, and actually the only thing I felt like doing after a long day of walking around Georgian Bath and eating Sally Lunn’s Bath Buns. [I also took a copy of Miss Austen by Gill Hornby away with me and loved the fact Cassandra worked on her patchwork in the evenings – it made me pick up my own Liberty tumbling blocks when I returned.]

Cotton Clara sashiko table runner

As it was the month of February I decided to stitch a Wimperis embroidery kit I picked up last year. It featured an envelope full of flowers which I really liked the look of.

Wimperis embroidery hoop

As you can perhaps tell I am still trying to work through my craft stash! With our own magnolia tree coming back to life I picked up the Craftpod Spring 2023 box which contained a lovely embroidery hoop featuring magnolia flowers. I am not very good at thread painting so this is one piece I will finish next month.

Spring 2023 Craftpod subscription box

In February I tried my hand at botanical casting which was actually one of those quick and easy crafts I enjoy. I also built a bunch of Lego flowers which were a gift from my husband, much better than a real bunch of flowers which never last long.

My current read is High Wages by Dorothy Whipple, first published in 1930, I bought my copy from Persephone Books in Bath over half term. I chose this particular book because it was set in a draper’s shop and I wanted to learn more about the fabrics used at that time, as well as the idea of making all your own clothes (such an alien concept today). I’m really enjoying the story and learning a lot about dressmaking too.

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    March 4, 2024 at 5:59 am

    I embraced the challenges of February with determination, leading to a series of accomplishments that filled me with pride. My efforts paid off as I surpassed my own expectations, achieving goals that once seemed out of reach. As the month closed, I reflected on my journey with gratitude, knowing each success was a step towards greater achievements.

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    March 5, 2024 at 5:20 am

    I used to make clothes for my kids years ago. You’re right it is a foreign concept today. Every once in awhile I hear of someone doing it, but not all that often. It’s great fun for those who like to sew.

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