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Updating our home {Orla Kiely wallpaper}

Orla Kiely Multi Striped Petal wallpaper

I find it hard to believe how long we’ve lived in our house. It’s definitely not our forever home but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to create a happy home environment. In the past 3 years we’ve decorated all our bedrooms, the hall and stairs and are just finishing off re-tiling the downstairs bathroom.

I’m the first to admit I really hate decorating. I love the idea of freshly painted ceilings, new wallpaper and furnishings. But in reality I hate the mess and upheaval and would put it off for ever if I could.

In a bid to fall in love with our home we’re embarking on a redecoration plan to update the downstairs of our home too. Today we ordered our new kitchen, we’re picking colours for the living and dining room and are updating the spare room. We’re lucky to have 2 spare rooms. One we keep as a small home office and the other is a spare room for guests to come and visit. We even invested in a fancy pull out bed.

I knew I wanted some Orla Kiely wallpaper for the end wall of our spare room. I looked online and found stocked a good range. I used their online tool to see how different patterns worked in different rooms which really helped me narrow down my choices. I chose Orla Kiely Multi Striped Petal wallpaper, measured the space and ordered 2 rolls.

The Multi Striped Petal is really pretty, it features retro stylised flower heads in a 70s feel with enough colours that mean I don’t have to choose any one main colour for the room.

Big thanks to  for sponsoring the decorating. I hope I will be able to write another post with photographs of the finished wall soon!


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    Aunty CaCa
    August 30, 2016 at 5:50 pm

    Can’t wait to stay in your new “Orla” room!!! Xxx

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