How to create a craft room

How to create a craft room

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You must be delighted that you’re finally adding a craft room to your house – in this modern world we all need a space we can go for some reprieve and what is better than a personal space for arts and crafts? Before you jump in, however, you should take some time to consider the necessities for such a room.


A craft room will be a very personal space for you, so when it comes to decorating you may already have an idea in mind.

Whether you want to use maximalist design with bright colours and patterns to get the creative juice flowing, or a clean, white, minimalist area that leaves your mind with plenty of space for creativity; you should still consider the durability and cleaning potential.

You can purchase wall paints that are designed to be easy to clean, which may be a better option than a fancy wallpaper if you’re going to be making a lot of mess. However, if your crafts are more contained than say, painting or pottery, then you can choose more expensive wall coverings without worrying too much about damage.

When choosing flooring, you’re going to want something that is durable to make spills easy to clean and something that is resistant to scratches. Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVTs) are an amazing option as they are super durable and will be able to resist many craft encounters. You can often order free samples to give you an opportunity to look at the flooring in your home before committing to the full purchase.


One of the downsides of crafting is that there’s always lots of things that need to be taken out and put away. Some well thought out storage can really streamline the whole process so that you can craft with peace of mind.

Plastic storage units can be really good as they have many drawers inside that can be used to store lots of things and can be easily replaced if they end up covered in paint or other crafting materials. Also, look for desks with lots of incorporated storage space. Nora Ephron said that one of the best things she ever did was get a desk with a bin built into it, and we always like to listen to the advice of Nora Ephron.

How to create a craft room

You may also want to incorporate storage space for your completed art pieces. It can be easy to find purpose built storage for paintings, to avoid damaging them. If you’re doing something a bit more out there however, like crafting sculptures of Everest, then you may need to come up with some more creative storage solutions.


In an ideal world, your craft room will have an abundance of natural light for you to craft by. However, as this isn’t always possible, lighting solutions may be required.

Lighting is obviously a very important aspect of being able to do your hobbies. So, to be sure you can be creative both during the day and night, invest in some high quality lighting that will illuminate the room.

Although warm white lights may seem cosier, bright white lights will probably give you the best options and allow you to craft with minimal interruption.

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