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Modern Living Room Wallpaper

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A lot of people when they think of wallpaper, they think of that dingy, old wall cover you would often find in your grandparent´s home. However, like life itself, wallpaper has evolved over the years with there now being many different styles and patterns to choose from.

5 Advantages to Wallpaper

Durability – It is very long-lasting and resilient. Durability can reach between 10 to 15 years, much longer than your average wall paint. Although wallpaper might seem more expensive in the beginning, it is very cost-effective.

Easy to clean – They require very little maintenance. Most wallpapers nowadays are either washable or scrubbable so no need to worry if the kids or pets get at them!

Wallpaper can hide a multitude – If there are any imperfections on your walls, wallpaper is great as it can disguise these quite easily. Dirt tends to be a lot more visible on painted walls than patterned.

Wide variety of choice – Depending on design, style, finish, price point, there are multiple options when it comes to wallpaper, much more than painting and tiling.

Can help create a theme – The easiest and most effective way to create a theme in a room is to customise its walls. Whether that be a dinosaur patterned wallpaper for a child’s room or a dusty pink rose-pattern one for a more feminine bedroom, wallpaper has it all. The endless list of designs can also allow you to have multiple uniquely themed rooms under the same roof!

How to pick living room wallpaper

Think about the purpose of the space

When deciding on which wallpaper to choose for your living room, try considering what the purpose of the room is for you and your family. Every family is different and the living room is a multifunctional place that can have a different purpose for every home. In some homes, the living room is a place for entertaining, relaxing, working, watching the telly, reading a book or even doing a home workout. Try and keep in mind what you use this space for and make sure the wallpaper you choose is suitable for this purpose.

Be Mindful of what’s already there

You want to make sure that the wallpaper you choose will coincide with the existing mood and structure of the room. Make sure you consider the furniture that is already there such as your sofa and coffee table and pick a wallpaper that will complement the decor. This can help create a theme and will have an impact on the overall atmosphere of the room. Contrastingly, if your decor is quite plain or neutral-toned, you could select something more lively like a damask style wallpaper to incorporate more character into the space and adopt a sense of opulence and timeless style. This is ideal for drawing attention away from spaces with fewer accessories and furnishings.

Spacious or Cosy?

Subtle patterns can make your living room feel more spacious, while loud, eccentric wallpaper can often have the opposite effect, making your room feel more intimate. If your room doesn’t have a lot of furniture, it may be worth considering purchasing decorative wallpaper with bright colours to give the room a more finished look.

Consider the light situation in your living room

Wallpaper can make or break your living room. Bright wallpapers with light colours and subtle patterns will reflect light around the room making your previously dark or windowless room appear much brighter and more welcoming. Contrastingly, dark colours have the capability to absorb light which often leads to a room feeling much smaller and cosier.

The Power of Patterns

Patterns have a great ability to make your room look bigger. Horizontal patterns can elongate your room by adding the effect of a wider space. Vertical patterns or stripes can give the impression that your ceiling is much higher. When deciding on what wallpaper to pick, prioritise the wallpaper that adds value to the space that you’re in.

Let your wallpaper reflect you and your family’s personality

As mentioned, the living room is a place where people come together to relax and put their feet up. Home is all about you and your family so it’s very important for the place to feel authentic, comfortable and relatable. Why not choose a wall mural with a picture of your favourite place to holiday together or a family photo? At the end of the day, our home is our personal sanctuary where we get to be our authentic selves, therefore our wallpaper and room designs should reflect that.

Ultimately, what makes a living room modern is simply subjective. As long as you feel comfortable within your 4 walls, you will be able to share that comfort with other people, who are coming to visit.

Installation tips

Prime your walls

It’s very important when you’re installing wallpaper that the walls are prepped before applying. This is vital due to the risk of mould developing as a result of excess glue from previous wallpaper. To guarantee this doesn’t happen, wash out all residual paste from the prior wallpaper and rinse the wall. A mix of hot water, washing-up liquid and a tablespoon of baking soda in a bucket should take care of the problem. It is advised that the walls underneath are smooth and even. If there are any irregularities, fill them with caulk and smooth them down. A flat wall will make your life much easier when applying wallpaper and give you that refined finish you’re looking for.

Don’t overdo it

In certain cases, less is more. This logic can also be applied to choosing wallpaper as it doesn’t have to be in your face to have an impact. A plain or subtle wall covering can add colour and texture to your room without it feeling too overpowering.

Order more than you need

Always remember to round up! When ordering particular or difficult-to-find patterns, including extra for overage is critical. You should always have additional wallpaper available in case you need to repair or replace a section, in case you make an installation error, or have any other wallpapering catastrophes!

Make sure you apply the correct amount of glue

Wallpapers differ in terms of application. In some cases, you are required to put the glue on the wall and in others, it’s recommended to put the glue directly on the product. Check your packaging and make sure you are applying yours the correct way. Do not use the glue excessively. If you use too much, you face the risk of your paper falling off, not sticking or tearing.

As the busiest room inside of the home, it’s important that your living room is decorated in a way that you and your family are happy with. Home wasn’t built in a day so have a think about what way you would like to decorate your walls and good luck on your journey of building the best home for you.

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