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This is Not a Fairy Tale book review

This is Not a Fairy Tale book review

As I went up to see my daughter for the umpteenth time last night I realised how quickly she is growing up. Despite school, a playdate, a karate lesson and shower she was NOT tired. We asked her to lie down in bed for 10 minutes before she got up to play. I let her play for a while before going back up to ask her to go to bed. This was at 9.30pm! She’s only 5 years old!

It’s fair to say she knows her own mind, which is why I knew she would enjoy This is Not a Fairy Tale by Will Mabbitt and Fred Blunt.

This is Not a Fairy Tale

This is NOT a fairy tale about brave knights and boring princesses. This is an EPIC TALE of a WARRIOR PRINCESS fighting a DEADLY DRAGON with a FEROCIOUS TRANSFORMER!

This is Not a Fairy Tale book review

Sophie doesn’t want a fairy tale about drippy princesses and pompous princes. She wants a heroine who leaps straight into the middle of the action, yielding a feisty fighting sword and calling out a brave battle cry!

In this stonking sequel to the brilliant This Is Not A Bedtime Story, Sophie and her famed father revolutionise story time for the second time; resulting in a clever, funny, and heart-warmingly exciting book-in-a-book which is sure to inspire and delight every single little boy and girl in the land. From page to page, it’s almost impossible to predict the path taken by master children’s book talents Will and Fred; but one thing is set in stone – story time will NEVER be the same again!

This is a lovely book and perfect to share with little girls and boys. My daughter loved it and was trying to predict what was going to happen – but couldn’t! The book is definitely not your typical fairy tale, it’s so much better and made us laugh out loud. We can’t wait to track down a copy of their previous book, and see what they come up with next.


Will Mabbitt likes to write. He writes on the train, in the corner of cafes, and sometimes, when his laptop runs out of power, he writes in his head. Will has a background in children’s media, producing content for Disney, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network. He is best known for his breakout picture book I Can Only Draw Worms; and has also written the Mabel Jones adventure series for middle-graders. This is his second pairing with Fred Blunt.


Fred never wanted to be an astronaut or train driver like all the other boys. Right from the beginning he knew he wanted to draw silly pictures for a living… and decades later, he’s living the dream! This is Fred’s second picture book with Will Mabbitt, and he has also written + illustrated the Captain Falsebeard series.

This is Not a Fairy Tale, words by WILL MABBITT, pictures by FRED BLUNT, was published on the 6th July 2017 by Puffin, priced £6.99.

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    July 13, 2017 at 11:38 pm

    This sounds just like the sort of book Oscar would enjoy reading! I’ll have to look out for it in book stores 🙂

    Louise x

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