Friends of Sylvanian Families parenting playing toy review

Sylvanian Families Starry Point Lighthouse review

Sylvanian Families Starry Point Lighthouse review

If you have a small child who loves a particular type of toy, then chances are you know the toys and any new products in the pipeline. My 5 year old adores Sylvanian Families so I like to know what new products are coming out. So I was excited to read about the new Starry Point Lighthouse, Ballet Theatre and Sky Ride Adventure Sets. The first two feature exciting interactive elements. The Lighthouse comes with three slides so you can project the night sky, fireworks or even the moon onto your child’s ceiling. The Theatre plays music from Swan Lake or The Nutcracker through built-in speakers – or you can connect your own music using an audio cable! I love how timeless Sylvania is but I was also a little excited to hear about these new products.

As Friends of Sylvania we were so happy to receive an exciting parcel to unbox and share with you. Take a look at our Sylvanian Families unboxing video:

Yes! We were so lucky to receive the new Sylvanian Families Starry Point Lighthouse!

I hope you can tell from the video that my children were besides themselves when they opened this playset. With good reason as we think it’s an amazing toy.

The playset consists of a lighthouse and lodge. Climb the seashell stairs, play snap on the whale-shaped table or sail off to sleep in a bed which resembles a pirate ship – the fun never ends! The playset includes furniture but no families. It wasn’t too hard to put together and there were a few stickers to add too.

Sylvanian Families Starry Point Lighthouse review

Then came the fun part. Add batteries and the playset really comes to life. Light from the lighthouse can project twinkling constellations on the ceiling of your room using the slides that are included with the set! As easy as A, B, C, just flick the switch, insert a slide and you can project beautiful night sky images on your bedroom ceiling. This is a really fun addition which my 5 years old loves.

Sylvanian Families Starry Point Lighthouse review

Like some of the other playsets, Starry Point Lighthouse can be combined with various other products (all sold separately). Combine it with Beechwood Hall or Cosy Cottage Starter Home to make a bigger house. Use the wooden deck of the Lighthouse as a pier where the Sylvanians can get on and off Seaside Cruiser House Boat or Sky Ride Adventure. You can also connect the ladder or balloon of the Lighthouse to Sky Ride Adventure or put the blue bird from Sky Ride Adventure on the fence of the Lighthouse.

Sylvanian Families Starry Point Lighthouse review

The Starry Point Lighthouse is a lovely set. I love the way new playsets can add to your very own Sylvania. I think this set goes well with the Secret Island Playhouse, as well as smaller sets like the Sylvanian Families Adventure Treasure Ship and the Sylvanian Families Splash and Play Whale playset. We don’t live near the beach but my daughter can bring the beach to our house with these lovely sets. It also came with a story book which has made perfect bedtime reading.

The Sylvanian Families Starry Point Lighthouse has a RRP £59.99 and is available from Toys R Us, Smyths, Amazon and all good toy shops.

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    dena jayne
    July 9, 2017 at 9:33 pm

    I used to love these when I were a kid!

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    Healthy & Psyched
    July 9, 2017 at 10:12 pm

    What a cute play set. I loved Sylvanian families when I was younger but I don’t remember any of my things having batteries. Everything is much more exciting now haha!

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    July 9, 2017 at 10:15 pm

    I love Sylvanian Families! I had some as a child.

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    Susan Mann
    July 12, 2017 at 11:14 am

    This looks fantastic. Love these. This set is so cute xx

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