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Gift guide for Sylvanian Families collectors

Gift guide for Sylvanian Families fans

I don’t make many gift guides but I couldn’t resist creating one for Sylvanian Families. My daughter loves her Sylvanian Families collection and we’ve reviewed some wonderful toys which would make perfect gifts for Sylvanian Families fans this Christmas.

Gift guide for Sylvanian Families collectors

Cosy Cottage Starter Home

The Cosy Cottage Starter Home is the ideal starter home for young collectors. It includes a house, chocolate rabbit girl and the furniture for beginners.

Ballet Theatre Playset

Hop, skip and pirouette along to the Ballet Theatre and admire a special performance from Freya Chocolate Bunny. Complete with a practice barre, chair and entry tickets, the theatre has everything you need for your Sylvanians to add a little magic to their evening. Play music from Swan Lake or The Nutcracker through the built-in speakers or connect your own music using an audio cable. See our review of the Ballet Theatre playset here.

Starry Point Lighthouse

Climb the seashell stairs, play snap on the whale-shaped table or sail off to sleep in a bed which resembles a pirate ship – the fun never ends! Light from the lighthouse can project twinkling constellations on the ceiling of your room using the slides that are included with the set! See our review of the Starry Point Lighthouse here.

Secret Island Playhouse

What better place could there be to play than a secret island playhouse with two floors above the ocean. Every sylvanian child’s dream, this seaside hideaway is an idyllic place for the sylvanians to have all manner of adventures and it includes everything they’ll need from a map and goggles, to a pair of fins that are just the right fit. Read our thoughts about the Secret Island Playhouse.

Seaside Cruiser House Boat

This beautiful blue boat doubles as a floating house, and has a pool and waterslide to keep the babies entertained. A must-have for the adventurous sylvanian, this boat is kitted out with all sorts of furniture and accessories including two beds, a kitchen, and a dining space.

Baby Sleigh Ride Set

The seasonal set includes Milk Rabbit baby (in Santa Claus costume), Toy Poodle baby (in adorable reindeer costume), sleigh and toys. It’s the perfect addition to bring Christmas to your sylvanians. We bought the limited edition Baby Sleigh Ride Set and love it!

We Love Sylvanian Families magazine

My 5 year old loves her copy of the We Love Sylvanian Families magazine. This is a special one off magazine and out now. Pop over to see our review and win your own copy (ends 22/11/2017)!

Membership of the Sylvanian Families Club

For only £9.99 a year you can choose either Melinda the Toy Poodle Girl or Freya the Chocolate Rabbit Girl, a certificate, 4 x magazines a year and a card on your birthday. Watch our unboxing of our gift here.

A trip to the Sylvanian Families Shop London

The Sylvanian Families shop is on Mountgrove Road in London. The Sylvanian Families shop offers the widest range of Sylvanian Families in Europe with over 400 items in stock. They have over 50 different families, including the full UK range, plus discontinued and harder to find items too. We had a great visit and think this would make a great day out if you receive any money this Christmas.

Don’t forget to check out our reviews of these toys, you can also find Sylvanian Families unboxing videos over on our YouTube channel. Happy shopping!


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    Yerka Style
    November 9, 2017 at 6:57 pm

    I haven’t heard about Sylvanian Families. They have lovely toys for children 😉

  • Reply
    Leigh Travers
    November 9, 2017 at 7:41 pm

    Ahh, Sylvanian Families bring back so many memories for me as a kid – I didn’t even know they still existed!

  • Reply
    November 9, 2017 at 10:04 pm

    Aww this is a lovely gift guide. Sylvanian Families are classic! I’m so glad my little girl loves them, I’ve popped a few in her stocking! I know she’d love a magazine subscription though! xx

  • Reply
    November 9, 2017 at 10:31 pm

    Aw I used to absolutely LOVE Sylvanian Families when I was little. I’d have loved all of these xxx

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