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Sylvanian Families Spring Sensory tray

Items for a Sylvanian Families Spring Sensory tray

My daughter has been really enjoying her Sylvanian Families toys recently. I love that she plays with them all year around but I think they really lend themselves to Springtime. The sun was shining today so I set up a really simple Spring-themed invitation to play for her when she got home from school.

Items for a Sylvanian Families Spring Sensory tray

Large tray

Fake green grass

Plastic eggs, carrots and flowers

Selection of Sylvanian Families figures

How to set up a Sylvanian Families Spring Sensory tray

Setting up a sensory tray is really simple. You might also think it is only for toddlers and younger children, but I think older children can enjoy them too. I find my daughter often gets easily bored with her toys but if I set them up in a different way or make up a little scenario for her then she’s off. I’m exactly the same, but if I see something on Pinterest my imagination immediately gets fired up and enthused again.

How to set up a Sylvanian Families Spring Sensory tray

Sylvanian Families lends itself really well to seasonal play which is why I got the Sylvanian Families Spring Sensory tray ready and left it out as an invitation to play for my daughter when she got home from school. I recently picked up a few new figures for her to play with, including the cute cat and squirrel dressed in their Easter costumes.

Easter Sylvanian Families costume

I placed the different items quite separately so she could see all the items but of course it wasn’t long before she started to mix everything up and play.

Spring sensory tray for kids

The rough grass, fuzzy carrots and smooth eggs ensured there was a range of textures for her. You could easily add to this with real flowers and leaves, or anything you collect when you’re out for a walk. Our Spring Sensory Tray was a big hit this afternoon, the warm sunshine definitely helped to get us in the mood for Spring, surely it can’t be long now!

Sylvanian Families sensory tray

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    Christophe Fisseux
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    Nice ideas! Thank you!

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      February 27, 2018 at 11:07 am

      Thanks, let me know if you try it yourself.

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