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Sylvanian Families gift guide

The other day I shared my Minecraft gift guide with you. My 5 year old loves Minecraft and will be receiving some of the items featured. Today I am sharing my Sylvanian Families gift guide. My 4 year old loves playing with her playsets and figures and will be adding a lot more to her collection this Christmas.

Little Sis has recently had a birthday so received some wonderful new toys to play with. These included the Sylvanian Families Chiffon Dog Family, Sylvanian Families Campervan and Sylvanian Families Bluebell Seven Seater. She loves putting the figures in vehicles and taking them away on holiday (to the other side of the living room) and the Campervan is a favourite with me too.

This Christmas we decided to buy her Cedar Terrace. It is great value for a 3 storey house and connects to other playsets. She only has a few buildings so I thought this would hold a lot of her furniture and families.

Have you seen the Sylvanian Families Christmas Set? Little Sis received this last year and it’s a cute little collection to help your Sylvanians celebrate Christmas, or Sylvmas as it’s known. It includes a bear figure and Father Christmas outfit, Christmas tree, decorations, wrapped presents and toys. Some of the smaller pieces have got lost at the bottom of the toy box but we’ve managed to find most of the items.

Little Sis will be receiving the Sylvanian Families Cat in Cradle Basket Carry Case in her stocking this year. I really like the Carry Case range and she loves the babies most of all so she will be happy to unwrap this.

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