Gift guide gingerbread gingerbread house

Christmas Gingerbread gift guide

Christmas Gingerbread gift guide

I can’t believe it’s that time of year again but here I am with another Christmas Gingerbread Gift Guide to share with you. I love gingerbread all year round, but nothing beats the smell of warm gingerbread at this time of year.

Gingerbread actually refers to a broad category of baked goods, typically flavoured with ginger, cloves, nutmeg and cinnamon. I can’t resist a gingerbread biscuit but you can pretty much get anything flavoured with gingerbread these days.

This year I’ve included gingerbread themed gifts as well as gingerbread house kits and gingerbread biscuits. Of course I’ll be building the gingerbread house kits over the next few weeks and linking them here so you can see how they turned out.

Christmas Gingerbread gift guide

Gingerbread themed gifts

I couldn’t resist this Novelty Gingerbread Man hand wash dispenser. It can easily be re-filled and used again and again.

Novelty Gingerbread Man hand wash dispenser, Wilko, £3.00

Gingerbread bath fizzer, Wilko

George Home Gingerbread Cookies Candle, with 40 hours burn time.

George Home Gingerbread Cookies Candle, ASDA, £4.00

Gingerbread Cookies scented candle from Asda

I have a couple of Gingerbread House Christmas mugs but love this one from Poundland. The gingerbread house lid can be taken off or put on to keep your hot drink warm.

Gingerbread House Christmas mug, Poundland, £2.50.

Gingerbread house Christmas mug, Poundland

This sweet little Gingerbread bath fizzer would make a great stocking filler.

Gingerbread bath fizzer, Wilko, £1.25.

Gingerbread bath fizzer, Wilko

I couldn’t resist this sweet gingerbread man planter which I spotted in the Co-op. It currently has a pretty red kalanchoe plant in it, a really popular indoor houseplant.

Gingerbread man planter, Co-op, £3.00

Gingerbread man planter, Co-op, £3.00

Gingerbread Manor by Aimee Stewart from Wentworth Wooden Puzzles is a 250 piece puzzle. A sweet sensation, Gingerbread Manor is a fun, fairy-tale-like cottage made of candy canes, cakes, cookies and gingerbread characters. It includes a selection of different hand-designed shaped whimsy pieces. Find out more and pop on over for your chance to win a Gingerbread Manor puzzle (ends 11/12/2022).

Gingerbread Manor by Aimee Stewart from Wentworth Wooden Puzzles, £32.00.

Gingerbread Manor by Aimee Stewart from Wentworth Wooden Puzzles

Gingerbread house kits

The Make Your Own Gingerbread House Kit from Sainsbury’s was the first I spotted in the shops this year. This is a great value gingerbread house kit although you will need to supply unsalted butter, golden syrup and water to make it. This should keep the kids busy for a few hours.

Make Your Own Gingerbread House Kit, Sainsbury’s £4.00.

Make Your Own Gingerbread House Kit, Sainsbury's

Gingerbread craft kits

I can’t resist a cute felt gingerbread house or a sewing kit. There are some gorgeous gingerbread themed crafts to do at this time of year, and some really lovely craft kits too. I just don’t have the money to buy many gingerbread craft kits but I love the Sweet Treat Felt Wreath kit from MakeBox which features embroidered and stuffed wool felt ornaments inspired by traditional gingerbread designs. They also have a gorgeous box to make seven air-dry clay house decorations, a Festive Gingerbread Man embroidery hoop, pink Gingerbread House embroidery hoop, and cute Wooden Gingerbread Garland!

I love Cotton Clara and was delighted when they introduced the Christmas House Small Hoop Cross-Stitch kit. They make fun contemporary cross stitch kits and I enjoyed stitching this one.

Christmas House Cross-Stitch kit, Cotton Clara, £9.95

Christmas House Cross-Stitch kit

Pixels & Purls Gingerbread House Embroidery Kit is built from six different stitches and printed on to the fabric (which I love!). It’s available on red or green fabric, so you can totally co-ordinate it with your Christmas decorations!

Pixels & Purls Gingerbread House Embroidery Kit, Pixels & Purls, £22.50

Pixels & Purls Gingerbread House Embroidery Kit

Gingerbread biscuits

These mini gingerbread men are the perfect treat and will go really well with a delicious hot chocolate. I may pop a few in the kids’ packed lunches in December too.

Pack of Mini Gingerbread Men Biscuits, Sainsbury’s, £1.25

Pack of Mini Gingerbread Men Biscuits, Sainbury's

Walker’s Shortbread Gingerbread Men, Waitrose, £2.50

Walker's Shortbread Gingerbread Men

Gingerbread mug cookies, flying tiger £3.00

gingerbread mug cookies, flying tiger

Mini Gingerbread Men biscuits, Tesco, £1.15

Mini Gingerbread Men biscuits, Tesco

This cute M&S Christmas Gingerbread Baubles Kit contains ready baked gingerbread baubles with icing tube and sprinkles to decorate and hang on your tree.

M&S Christmas Gingerbread Baubles Kit, M&S, £2.50.

M&S Christmas Gingerbread Baubles Kit

1- gingerbread Christmas cookies to hang on your Christmas tree, flying tiger. £2.00

Gingerbread cookies to hang on your Christmas tree,

Gingerbread treats

I couldn’t resist this pack of Christmas Nurnberger Lebkuchen from Waitrose. It contains an assortment of sugar glazed, chocolate enrobed and plain gingerbread Lebkuchen rounds.

Waitrose & Partners Christmas Nurnberger Lebkuchen, £2.50

Waitrose & Partners Christmas Nurnberger Lebkuchen

These Gingerbread flavoured milk chocolate digestives are a McVitie’s Digestives seasonal edition which have been available for the last few years, along with Christmas pudding flavour and mince pie flavour.

Gingerbread flavoured milk chocolate digestives, Poundland, £1.00

Gingerbread flavoured digestives

We really enjoyed the deliciously snowy Soreen gingerbread laves last year so I picked up another pack! The pack contains 5 mini loaves, all gingerbread flavoured. They are vegan and low in saturated fat, so a great snack.

Deliciously snowy Soreen, Iceland, £1.25

Soreen gingerbread loaves

I couldn’t resist this packet of Co-op spiced star biscuits as I don’t usually manage to get to a Co-Op. I like the fact they are star shaped, they would be great to decorate a cake or trifle.

Spiced star biscuits, Co-op, £1.00

Co-op spiced star biscuits

I couldn’t resist this bag of Haribo Xmas Bakery. The delicious mixture of the best marshmallows inspires with the shapes of typical Christmas cookies. The little delicacies smell pleasantly of vanilla and taste of speculoos, vanilla crescents, gingerbread and other delicacies.

Haribo Xmas Bakery, Candymail, £4.99

Haribo Xmas Bakery,

I also had to purchase this pack of gingerbread marshmallow men, also known as Peeps Gingerbread Men. They are quite big but will be perfect served with a delicious hot chocolate.

Peeps Gingerbread Men, Candymail, £2.99

Peeps Gingerbread Men

I would love to hear when you think about our Christmas Gingerbread Gift Guide. There are plenty of ideas for you to gift to others, although you can always keep everything for yourself!


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    Ohh! What fantastic gingerbready treats. I love the sound of the Gingerbread Cookies Candle and the biscuits. Yum, yum. x

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