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Sylvanian Families Baby Sleigh Ride Set review

Sylvanian Families Baby Sleigh Ride Set content review

My daughter (and I) love Sylvanian Families so couldn’t wait to get our hands on the limited edition Sylvanian Families Baby Sleigh Ride Set. This is new for Christmas 2017 and connects with the Halloween Baby Trick or Treat Set  I bought last month. I bought my set from the Sylvanian Families Shop in London (along with some goodies for my daughter’s birthday this month) and it arrived next day which is amazing service.

Baby Sleigh Ride Set

Sylvanian Families Baby Sleigh Ride Set

The Sylvanian Families Baby Sleigh Ride Set is very cute. Last year we reviewed the 2016 Sylvanian Families Christmas Set which included a very festive Freya Chocolate Rabbit. My children enjoyed that set, and still do, but the new set is even more fun. Take a look at the short unboxing video we made:

The set includes Milk Rabbit baby (in Santa Claus costume), Toy Poodle baby (in adorable reindeer costume), sleigh, toy teddy bear, toy Sky Ride Adventure, mini Christmas tree, ready-made gift box x 2 (red, green) and a present sack. Both figures fit in the sleigh with the presents.

Baby Sleigh Ride Set

The sleigh of Baby Sleigh Ride Set can be connected to other products such as the Candy Wagon, Fruit Wagon, Popcorn Wagon, Hot Dog Van or the pumpkin carriage from the limited edition Baby Trick or Treaters Set for more fun.

The Baby Sleigh Ride Set cost £17.99 from the Sylvanian Families online Shop, you can also buy it from Amazon and other toy shops.


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    November 6, 2017 at 1:35 pm

    Aw these are so cute! I love them. The video is great too!

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    November 6, 2017 at 9:09 pm

    Oh my golly gosh these are so cute! I need these for my desk at work 🙂

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