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Sylvanian Families Halloween Baby Trick or Treat Set

Sylvanian Families Halloween Baby Trick or Treat Set

A few weeks ago I told you about our trip to the Sylvanian Families shop in London. I had a very small wishlist for our visit, I wanted to pick up the new limited edition Sylvanian Families Halloween Baby Trick or Treat Set.

As a grown up fan of Sylvanian Families I have to admit that I like the limited edition sets and the Halloween one looked super cute. There’s a limited edition Christmas set to which I really want to get when it’s released in the UK.

Sylvanian Families Halloween Baby Trick or Treat Set

The Sylvanian Families shop had a few of the special Sylvanian Families Halloween Baby Trick or Treat Set so we picked one up and couldn’t wait to open it up. This limited edition Halloween set comes with 2 adorable babies in witch and ghost costumes. The set includes a pumpkin carriage, baskets and candies. The pumpkin carriage connects to the sleigh in the Christmas Baby Sleigh Ride Set as well as the Candy Wagon, Fruit Wagon, Popcorn Wagon and Hot Dog Van. The candy can also be placed on the stand of the Candy Wagon.

Of course we had to make a little unboxing video all about the Sylvanian Families Halloween Baby Trick or Treat Set. Watch it and see my children unboxing the set.

The set comes with Baby Creme Chocolate and little Ambrose Walnut, and you may remember that they were also included in the 2015 Sylvanian Families Halloween set we reviewed last year. It would have been nice if new figures  were included with slightly different costumes. My daughter collects the babies and has lots of duplicates. There was also the pumpkin carriage, two buckets and 4 candies.

It’s a fun set but I think they missed a trick as the wheels don’t go round on the pumpkin carriage. There would be a lot more play potential if the wheels went round. However my children love the set and it’s pretty good value, we paid £16.99 at the Sylvanian Families shop. I love the seasonal sets and I know my children will enjoy playing with this set this month.

The Sylvanian Families Halloween Baby Trick or Treat Set can be bought online from the Sylvanian Families Shop in London, as well as Amazon and all good toy shops.


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    Leigh Travers
    October 2, 2017 at 10:14 pm

    Sylvanian Families make me so nostalgic! I didn’t actually own them as a kid but I used to always play with them when I went to my friends’ houses. How cute is this little Halloween set?!

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    Ali - We Made This Life
    October 2, 2017 at 10:49 pm

    My daughter loves Sylvanian families, I didn’t know they did a Halloween set, I’ll have to look for it now!

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