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Small world play and the Little Poppets

My children are really lucky to be sent some lovely new books, the latest is Little Poppets which is a new series of board book first stories following the adventures of four friends: Mole, Rose, Pippin and Mouse (the Little Poppets). These gently humorous stories and the intricately conceived detail of the world in which they live will delight children and adults alike.

The stories are sweet and comical, with little mysteries for the Little Poppets to solve, such as where on earth the socks on Mouse’s sock tree are really coming from!

Both my children have been enjoying Mouse’s Sock Tree where Mouse wakes up one morning to find his tree is growing socks! He can’t wait to share his discovery with his friends Pippin and Rose, but they’re not quite so convinced. I’m pleased to say the flaps are robust enough to withstand two little hands which helped the Little Poppets find out where the socks were really coming from!

We loved the little felt characters and the magical world they live in which are full of expression and detail. Mouse’s reading lamp is made from a birthday cake candle in a bobbin, and his bed is constructed from postcards.

Little Poppets

The book is great for inspiring small world play and I’m embarrassed to say it’s a very long time since we tried that. Anyway, we dug out a vintage wooden box and set to work creating our own little house. I graciously let the toddler pick from my fabric stash and he chose the beautiful chevron rainbow by Riley Blake Designs which we cut to size and PVA-ed on to the inside of the box. We added some washi tape bunting, a postage stamp picture in a washi tape frame, a rug made from a vintage blanket label and some vintage Scrabble tiles.

small world play

The children had lots of fun exploring their new little world. I have to admit that Peppa Pig and friends quickly took over but I think they felt very at home, how could they not? 🙂

Little Poppets created by Susan Mitchell and written by Paula Metcalf are printed by Campbell Books, an imprint of Macmillan Publishers, priced £4.99

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