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Making simple mosaic hearts

simple mosaic hearts

I’ve had some time to myself this week. I put my #sewalittlehappiness sampler to one side, and made some mosaics from a crafty subscription box. I really need some time to myself, especially after a day of home learning with my two. Since we’ve been at home I’ve treated myself to a few subscription boxes. I love having a craft I know I can finish in a few days.

It seems a long time since I made my mosaic rainbow in a workshop. It’s one of my favourite makes and has been proudly on display in our window of rainbows, our little thank you to all the keyworkers who have kept us going over the last 10 weeks. Mosaics are a simple concept, a picture made from small pieces of stone, tile or glass. It’s something I have tried to re-create with my own children with foam mosaics.

Making simple mosaic hearts

I treated myself to a mosaic kit from Cosy Craft Club. You may remember I worked with them on a review and couldn’t resist treating myself to this months craft kit.

mosaic craft kit

Everything needed was in this craft kit: wooden craft blanks, glue, small pieces of glass and ceramics, ribbons and grout powder. I was excited to get started so laid out the pieces of glass to see how I could fit them on the wooden hearts.

laying out my mosaic

When I was happy with my designs I stuck the pieces on to the wooden blanks with white glue, leaving them to dry overnight.

I was a little nervous about grouting my mosaic hearts. The little bag of powder didn’t look enough but I followed the instructions carefully, mixing my grout in an old yoghurt pot.

grouting a mosaic at home

It was a little runny but I smoothed it over each heart, trying to fill it around the gaps between the pieces of glass.

grouting a mosaic at home

It wasn’t as messy as I imagined it would be! When I was happy that I had covered each heart, I smoothed over each one with my finger to remove any excess, and also smoothed around each edge. I also made sure there was a little hole at the top of each one so I could hang them up.

I left them to dry for 10 minutes before I carefully wiped over each one to remove any excess grout from the glass. I then left them overnight to dry before wiping  each heart to make sure you could see the pieces of glass and ceramics. I threaded ribbon through each mosaic hearts so I could hang them up.

simple mosaic hearts

This was such a fun craft and I enjoyed the process and time to myself. In fact I had so much I ordered next months’ subscription box too!

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