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Make your own Pop Its chocolate bar

Make your own Pop Its chocolate bar

My children have quickly amassed the biggest collections of Pop Its. Have you heard of them? They are silicone fidget toys which come in all shapes and sizes. They are filled with bubbles which can be popped by pushing them inward. They are great for kids who love to fidget but you can also play all sorts of games by taking turns to pop the bubbles.

Pop Its have been a huge hit with my 9 year old and she has quite a collection from small pocket sized ones to larger ones shaped like Pokemon and Poke balls. They are fun to collect and play with but did you know you can also use the silicon mold to make your own Pop Its chocolate bars!

Make your own Pop Its chocolate bar

You don’t need many ingredients and the Pop Its Chocolate bars are quick and easy to make. All you need is a silicone Pop Its toy, bag of M&Ms, and a bar of chocolate.

Make your own Pop Its chocolate bar

First thoroughly wash your silicone Pop Its toy in warm, soapy water. Carefully dry your Pop Its toy.

Place a selection of colourful M&Ms in each bubble.

Make your own Pop Its chocolate bar

My daughter chose to make each line one colour.

Make your own Pop Its chocolate bar

Break the chocolate bar into small pieces and melt your chocolate in a bain-marie.

Pop Its chocolate bar

This didn’t take long and we were able to remove the glass jug from the saucepan and wipe away any excess water.

Make your own Pop Its chocolate bar

When the chocolate has melted you can carefully pour it into the mold.

how to make a Pop Its chocolate bar

Use the back of spoon to ensure it fills any small gaps.

how to make a Pop Its chocolate bar

Then place in the fridge to harden.  We had enough melted chocolate to fill a couple of molds.

melted chocolate in Pop Its toys

After a couple of hours we removed the Pop Its from the fridge and the kids carefully popped out the chocolate.

use your Pop Its toys to make chocolate bars

It came out in rows and they were able to rebuild their Pop Its chocolate bars before eating them!

rainbow chocolate bar made with Pop Its

This make a fun STEM cooking activity for kids with so many talking points. My 9 year old loves an experiment and this was a great way to talk about melting chocolate and turning the solid bar into liquid chocolate. She is old enough that she was able to help melt the chocolate with supervision.

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    Kim Carberry
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    My youngest loves those Pop It things and I saw someone making these chocolate bars on TikTok. We are planning to make some too x

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