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Inexpensive ideas for family fun

Babies and children are big business. From toys and games to toddler activities, this particular market offers limitless money making opportunities for those in the know. With parents powerless to resist the hard sell, our homes often become a haven to consumerism and the material trappings of the toddler to teen years.

These days, playgroup is increasingly passé and toddlers are often treated to a schedule of organised activities. Swimming and soft play sessions have upped their game, with increasingly expensive activities promising everything from educational benefits to borderline enlightenment.

With more and more families feeling the pinch, why not take a stand against the current trend for consumerism? Money savers will be tempted by these expenditure streamlining tips and traditionalists will enjoy a return to simpler pastimes. So scale back on your children’s entertainment and consider a few cheaper and more traditional alternatives to keeping the kids amused.

Get creative

Entertaining the children needn’t involve shelling out some cash. Why not get creative and enjoy spending some time together? From crafts to colouring, there are plenty of easy and enjoyable activities that can help to keep your kids amused.

Why not congregate in the kitchen? Children love to cook. From baking and decorating cupcakes to allowing a little hands-on help at dinnertime, all it takes is a pinch of patience and you can banish boredom amongst your brood. Why not encourage the kids to get involved with preparing a meal? Making pizza together is a great idea and each person can personalise their tasty treat in line with their preferences. Children will relish creating colourful and tasty toppings.

Go back to basics

Everyone has a careworn copy of Cluedo lurking at the back of their cupboard, so dig out a few board games and reacquaint yourselves with a traditional pastime. It’s surprising how much merriment Monopoly can provide. Turn off the television and enjoy each other’s company. Spending quality time together will help to forge strong family relationships.

Enjoy the great outdoors

From a picnic in the back garden to playing football in the park, getting some fresh air and exploring your local environment will definitely help to keep your children entertained. Why not take a walk to your local library? Inspire their imaginations with the wide range of storybooks on offer or spend a couple of hours in situ, taking advantage of the array of free activities that are often available to parents and children.

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