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In need of a new pushchair

Earlier this year we bought our first Maclaren stroller. I was very excited as I’ve always wanted a Maclaren. We chose the Quest Sport as it was perfect for our needs – lightweight, easy to collapse and fold with one hand (and foot). Ever since we bought it I’ve used it every day and not used my beloved Bugaboo Chameleon. I love my Maclaren!

However, only four months on and it’s already past its best…

Things I love

  • lightweight, easy to collapse and fold with one hand
  • adequate shopping basket
  • maneoverable with one hand
  • showerproof hood and easy to use rain cover
  • reclineable seat
  • fits in boot easily

Things I don’t love

  • the sun shade is useless
  • padding came off the handle
  • wheels squeak
  • doesn’t recline enough for Edward to sleep comfortably in
  • viewing window is in the completely wrong place
  • storage clip doesn’t fit properly
  • brake isn’t very strong (especially on fast braking public transport!)
  • adjustable leg rest is flimsy and sliders don’t stay in place

This is a great stroller and I’ve used it every day since we bought it. It’s equally good for a walk to the shops or a weekend away in Europe. I’m just slightly disappointed it hasn’t lasted a bit longer than 4 months. I’m wishing we’d invested in the Maclaren Techno XT or something a bit sturdier.

Is it possible to use a stroller too much? I wonder if there’s such a thing as a stroller hospital, or The Priory for prams?

I’ve tried a Bugaboo, Quinny and a Maclaren. I’m on the lookout for a Silver Cross or Cosatto next 🙂


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    May 24, 2011 at 3:52 pm

    Hi! I just saw your post and wanted to mention something about the i’coo stroller. I bought one for my baby and I absolutely love it! It has 2 attachments (one is a pram thing where the baby can lie down) and the other is a chair part that can recline quite nicely and can be set to face you or face “the world”. I don’t know if you can get one of those where you live (I live in Canada, but I think it’s german-made). Check it out… I’m pretty sure they have a promotional video so you can sort of see it in action too! The only thing that’s not so great is that it does take up a bit of room, even when folded (although you can take the wheels off really quickly to make it smaller). It fits in the trunk of our car, but not much else does after it’s been put in there. However, I don’t usually bother taking the wheels off if we’re just going for a short trip, so I guess it could be a bit more compact with a little more effort on my part!

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