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How to make an Elf Isolation House

How to make an Elf Isolation House

Do you have an Elf that visits on December 1st? We have two and I love coming up with ideas for them to get up to fun and mischief around the house. This year our house elves will be coming early so that they can quarantine in their very own Elf Isolation House. I toyed with the idea of them being in quarantine from December 1st but we want to have some fun with them, so they will be arriving early, all ready for adventures during December.


Clear bucket

Elf Isolation House svg from Etsy

red, black and white vinyl

Cricut Maker

Polystyrene balls

Mini toilet rolls

Mini hand sanitiser

Small ‘Hands Face Space’ sign

How to make an Elf Isolation House

The first thing was to make the Elf Isolation House container. As we have two elves I needed a large container so purchased a see-through bucket from the DIY Store. I found some suitable Elf Isolation House svg files on Etsy. There were three parts: the word ‘Elf’, the word ‘isolation’ on a mask, and the numbers 1 – 14.

I re-sized each file and cut them using red vinyl for the word Elf, white vinyl for the mask, and black vinyl for the numbers.

elf isolation kit svg

When they were cut on the Cricut Maker I carefully weeded each piece of vinyl.

How to make an Elf Isolation Kit

Then placed transfer tape over each one and trimmed them to size.

How to make an Elf Isolation Kit

Then I was ready to apply the vinyl to my container. I used a hair drier to gently heat the vinyl because the surface was curved, this helped it go on easily. I positioned the word Elf at the top of the bucket with the mask beneath it.

Then I was ready to apply it to my container.

Then I added the countdown at the back of the Elf Isolation House.

With the Elf Isolation House ready, I was able to place my contents inside.

We have two house elves so they were both placed inside with their legs bent. I added a generous helping of polystyrene balls to look like snow. I found a mini pack of toilet rolls and hand sanitiser to include (both from eBay), and printed off a little public information sign.

make your own Elf Isolation House for your elf!

The idea is that the elves can safely quarantine in their bespoke Elf Isolation House for 14 days, crossing off each day until they are allowed out into our house!

make your own Elf Isolation House for your elf!

I’m hoping the children will love our Elf Isolation House and it will make Christmas 2020 one to remember!


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    Kim Carberry
    November 13, 2020 at 7:19 pm

    hehehe. This is very cute. What a fun idea.
    We won’t be having an elf visiting this year but if we did I would for sure be using this idea. x

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