Elf on the Shelf

Elf on the Shelf selfies

Elf on the Shelf selfies

For me December means planning some fun antics for our two elves. As the children are 10 and 11 I wondered if this would the year where they don’t believe the Christmas magic, but thankfully they still do! It’s so much fun to come up with a different idea for each day. I know that everyone does Elf on the Shelf differently, some people just move their elf every night, some have really naughty elves. We have two elves which means they can have fun together. Most elf activities can easily be adapted for two of more elves.

One of my favourite was the naughty Elf on the Shelf selfies we did last year. Which was really easy to set up.

Elf on the Shelf selfies

Most Elf on the Shelf activities can be easily set up when the children are in bed. Elf of the Shelf selfies is slightly more risky as it involves taking a photo of your elf with each child! Yes, you need to carefully take your elf and place it next to your sleeping child to snap a photo!

Elf on the Shelf selfies

My children are pretty deep sleepers but it was still really nerve wracking setting this one up! Luckily I had time to place the elf, take a selfie with my phone, and tiptoe silently away. I did this with both children then took the elf away.

Elf on the Shelf selfies

I could have either saved the photo as a screensaver on each child’s phone but I think this would have really spooked them. Instead I printed out each photo and left it downstairs on the table where they would see them.

Elf on the Shelf selfies

The children loved the fact their elf had taken an Elf on the Shelf selfie with them whilst they were sleeping. It was a nice quick activity, perfect if you are short of time and running out of ideas!

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