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How to make a simple twig star decoration

How to make a simple twig star decoration

I don’t feel as though I have made as many Christmas decorations as I would have liked to this year. What with my new job, although I’m not sure I can call it ‘new’ for much longer, my crafting time is really limited. Today we had some much needed time at home though, and I was finally able to play with my new Ryobi Glue Gun.

A few weeks ago we went for a lovely walk in Ruislip Woods. The weather was beautiful and I collected lots of long twigs for crafting. With Winter coming up I had a few nature crafts I wanted to make. The sticks have been drying out at home and I finally got the chance to turn them into something.

Equipment to make simple twig star decorations

Natural twigs

Ryobi 18V ONE+ Cordless Glue Gun (I used this one – Amazon affiliate link)

Ryobi ONE+ battery and charger

Mini pom poms

How to make a simple twig star decoration

How to make a simple twig star decoration

I wanted to make 5 pointed twig stars so decided on the length and cut my twigs accordingly. I tried to choose straight twigs and laid them out to make sure they would look right.

twig star decorations

The Ryobi 18V ONE+ Cordless Glue Gun requires a Ryobi ONE+ battery and charger and I had already made sure to charge the battery. I switched on the glue gun and waited for it to heat up. Then I dabbed a small amount of glue and started to put my twig star together.

how to make a twig star decoration

I found the Ryobi 18V ONE+ Cordless Glue Gun really easy to use. My old glue gun needed to be plugged in during use but with the cordless Ryobi Glue Gun I was able to work quickly and easily. The metal nozzle also made it cleaner to dot the glue with less glue trails than my old glue gun.

I quickly placed the five twigs and turned it over to make sure everything was stuck securely.

I love the look of rustic decorations but thought my twig star decoration needed a little something extra. I decided to add some colourful mini pom poms for a splash of colour. The Ryobi Glue Gun lasts for about 30 minutes so I had plenty of time to dab more glue on to the twig star and add the pom poms.

handmade twig star decoration

I love the finished twig star decoration. It really didn’t take long and I can’t wait to make more to hang up indoors.

twig star decoration by the gingerbread house blog

Disclosure – I was invited to take part in the Ryobi Glue Gun Christmas Craft Challenge with @RyobiToolsUK and provided with some of these products for the purpose of the review #MyRyobiChristmas


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    December 16, 2018 at 5:24 pm

    You had me at glue gun and now I want to have a go myself! I used to love, as a child, playing with the glue gun to make things x

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    Mellissa Williams
    December 16, 2018 at 6:02 pm

    That’s a cool decoration, I think I need a glue gun in my life. A nice activity to get older kids involved with too

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