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Glimmies fairy dolls review

Glimmies fairy dolls review

I think I’ve discovered the next cute. collectable toy that my daughter will be spending all her pocket money on – Glimmies. And just what are Glimmies you may well ask. Glimmies are sweet little fairy dolls, each with their own name and bio. Children can go on to collect and create a magical world with the Glimmies.

My daughter loves her fairy play so I knew these would be a big hit with her. We were sent a couple of the new Glimmies Single Blister Packs to review.The Blister Packs are larger than a blind bag. There are 12 different Glimmies to collect. Each doll magically lights up in the dark while you keep her in your hands!

Glimmies are little star fairies sent by the moon to take care of “Glimmieswood” forest animals. This is the reason why Glimmies have cute resemblances to forest animals and love endless adventures in the name of friendship and always respect nature.

During the dark, Glimmies magically light up the wood shining bright, creating a beautiful and magical light like a firefly.  Glimmies always shine bright at night and hide in the light… but held cupped in the hand they will also reveal their beautiful glowing and enchanting light.

My children thought they were magical, as with a wave of their hand they came to life! They were quickly added to their Fairy Busy Box and perfect for small world play.

Glimmies fairy dolls review

For grown-ups – the science behind this magical reaction is by using a photometric light sensor on their head that responds to the “lack” of light in the surrounding environment!

There are 23 Glimmies in total, each 6cm high with beautiful glowing light. There are 16 available across single and triple packs and 7 exclusive to playsets. Each one represents a forest animal with its own distinctive colour and facial expression.

The Glimmies are: Foxanne, Hazelyn, Celeste, Rakella, Nova, Dormilla, Batlinda, Lumix, Dotterella, Spinosita, Flayla, Cornélie, Alya, Cerulea, Astrea, Almendra, Lavoonia, Siestina, Fernicia, Rubina, Pluma, Aurea (Aurea is limited edition and is available with the Glimtern).

Glimmies Single Blister Pack are only £3.99 and available from Flair, Amazon and all good toy shops.


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    Kim Carberry
    January 27, 2017 at 10:53 am

    Ahh! They are very cute. I haven’t heard of them before. They look and sound like something my girl would love.

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