Gingerbread house finds vintage

Gingerbread house finds

It’s been months since I’ve written about my favourite hobby but this weekend we’ve been away in Wiltshire which means fresh charity shopping hunting ground. The pickings have been pretty slim although I did find a Playmobil take along modern dolls house. We have a growing Playmobil addiction and I knew this would be great for storing our Playmobil and taking away with us.

It was empty but only cost £4 and we have plenty of figures and furniture to fill it. I was surprised to see it’s still for sale and for a lot more than we paid for it.

playmobil house

I’ve found Saturdays are not great days for visiting charity shops. The only other things I managed to find was a vintage Waddington card game called Sum It which is a pre-decimalistation game (and not a very fun one at that!) and a bag of very vintage pipe cleaners which are perfect for crafting with.

The pack of pipe cleaners is illustrated with an image of pipe which makes me smile as I’ve only ever used them for making things, it’s easy to forget  they had a purpose before that!

vintage pipe cleaners


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